Local advertising has changed.

Traditional media is going the way of the dinosaur. Print publications are becoming irrelevant, radio stations are struggling to target customers effectively and even television networks are suffering from fractured and unreliable audiences.

Digital media now reigns supreme and this has translated into a tremendous increase in mobile advertising -- it's expected to continue experiencing the greatest growth across all digital platforms. 

Today's customers are always on their phones - streaming videos, staying connected through social media and utilizing apps to make their lives easier. Mobile advertising helps business directly connect with them.

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The core of GetintheLoop is our app.

Free to download, all members get daily access to exclusive offers and experiences. This is done through the app itself, push notifications, email, social media and our website. Due to the opt-in effect of members choosing to download the app, the entire GetintheLoop audience possesses a higher intent to purchase than Facebook or traditional media. Our members are looking to make quality purchases and enjoy unique experiences. They are active, engaged consumers with disposable income who want to shop locally.

Local businesses are ready for this kind of service. One platform with the essential advertising tools needed to connect, promote and grow bricks and mortar businesses.

GetintheLoop helps businesses:

  • ATTRACT new customers

  • RETAIN the customers they already have

  • COMMUNICATE their offers to members

  • MEASURE their customer engagement

GetintheLoop unlocks the power of mobile marketing by reaching the right people, at the right place and at the right time…all for just $225/month.

Local connections matter.

More and more, especially in a wired world, people desire a genuine connection with one another. And even though it’s easier to shop online, people still want to help build their communities. They sincerely want to support local business. They just need it to be easier. With GetintheLoop members have the ability to shop local, wherever they are. In their own town, or even visiting another, GetintheLoop helps members to see and engage with real-time offers and experiences presented by local businesses. That’s using the power of mobile connectivity to grow a strong local business community.

GetintheLoop is an exciting digital marketing tool, sustainably priced and available to local business through our locally owned franchise system.

Advertisers are looking for ways to reach consumers on mobile devices and are interested in learning about mobile strategies that work. With GetintheLoop Local you can become that local connection to effective mobile marketing and help meet an emerging need in your community.