Celebrating Achievements of GetintheLoop Local Owners


During GetintheLoop Local’s first year of operations as a franchisor, our team and local owners worked hard to bring Canada’s leading mobile offers platform to over 40 markets across Canada. To celebrate their achievements, GetintheLoop Local hosted a Hawaiian themed awards gala at the first ever Wolfpack summit

Congratulations to all the winners:

Fastest Market Launch: Dale Jacobs, Dauphin, MB
Awarded to the local owner who was the fastest to sign 10 partners


Dale became a local owner because he believed in GetintheLoop’s platform and felt it could add value to local businesses in Dauphin. He was able to showcase this value to local businesses from the beginning and quickly signed new partners onto the platform.

Community Connector: Sarah Roddy, Windsor, ON
Awarded to the local owner who best embodies the connection to community through engagement with local associations, activations and charity groups


Sarah is passionate about using GetintheLoop to strengthen her community. She has signed up five partners to GetintheLoop’s Community Connections program, which gives nonprofit and charitable groups space on the platform to post about their community events and initiatives. She has been nominated for the Marvelous Millennial Manager award from local magazine Biz X.

Top Social Media Creator: Kelsi Barclay, Calgary, AB
Awarded to the local owner who creates the best social content that drives value for our partners, engages our members and best represents the GetintheLoop brand


Kelsi effectively uses social media to promote the benefits of GetintheLoop and highlight the partners who sign onto the platform. She follows social media best practices while creating posts that include compelling imagery, strong messages and a dose of humour. She does a tremendous job of encouraging people to shop local.

Love the Grind Award: Chrissie and Clay Rozak, Airdrie/Okotoks, AB
Awarded to the local owner who best embodies the GetintheLoop brand through their authentic lifestyle, use of social media and business practice


Becoming local owners has ignited a fire for entrepreneurship in Chrissie and Clay. They are so passionate about helping businesses reach local customers through GetintheLoop that they took on a second franchise location. They love the hustle and they Love the Grind.

Rising Star Award: Marianne and Dustin Woodbeck, Prince George, BC
Awarded to the local owner in a newly launched market who has enjoyed rapid success and embodied the GetintheLoop brand


The Woodbecks are quickly establishing a digital marketplace in Prince George by signing 15 partners in their first two months. Their secret has been an authentic approach that really resonates with local businesses. They also post unique content to their social feeds.

Wolfpack Collaborator Award: Jared and Lindsey VanLaar, Leduc, AB/Troy and Michelle Brouillette, Edmonton, AB
Awarded to the local owner that best embraces and represents the GetintheLoop Wolfpack spirit


These spirited collaborators are always willing to provide assistance to local owners in other markets and help coordinate in-market activations. They have helped GetintheLoop Local grow by referring new local owners and talking to potential candidates.

Local Market of the Year: Sean Robertson and Nate Oullette, Fort McMurray, AB
Awarded to the local owner who has done an outstanding job in building a thriving local business

Sean, Nate.jpg

Sean and Nate have created a thriving digital marketplace in Fort McMurray with GetintheLoop. They continue to push the added value of the platform, foster a connection with the community, and develop innovative ideas. They notably signed seven partners to the platform in one day. 

There are exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs to operate GetintheLoop Local businesses in major metropolitan cities or small- to mid-size markets. Explore the top five reasons that you should buy a franchise and get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation.

Life of an Entrepreneur Mom


Life of an Entrepreneur Mom 

Stacey Barber has been a GetintheLoop Local owner in North Okanagan, BC, since Oct. 10, 2018. In this guest blog post, she explains what factors inspired her to take the leap, how she has enjoyed the experience and the work-life balance she is trying to achieve.

My name is Stacey Barber. I am a 44-year-old entrepreneur, wife and mom of two boys ages 12 and 15. Twenty years ago, I finished my marketing degree and started a career as a professional insurance broker. It was a career that I enjoyed for a number of years, but with all the changes in the industry and company mergers, it was time for me to make a change as I no longer enjoyed what I was doing. I was stressed to the max every day and it was starting to affect my health and family life. Coming home everyday in a bad mood and dreading going into the office is no way to live life!

I will never forget what my father has told me a number of times in life, “You are in life where you choose to be. If you don’t like it, you are the only one that has the power to change it” - a wise man. He could see that I was not where I wanted to be and reminded me in a non-judgemental way to look inside to find out what I wanted to do.

Last year, I left my career as a professional insurance broker and purchased a GetintheLoop franchise for the North Okanagan and Salmon Arm areas of British Columbia. This was not an easy decision by any means and was a leap of faith to a new way of life. My parents are entrepreneurs and have been so for my entire life, so I guess that being an entrepreneur was sort of in my DNA. I decided to go for it and see what happens. My family was supportive of my change in careers, which helped in making the leap of faith.  

One year later, I can’t tell you the number of times I hear, “You are a different and happier person.”

I am not saying it has been an easy first year, but so far it has made me back to the happy person I once was! 

As a mom, have you ever heard the term “work-life balance”? Have you ever obtained this life balance that everyone speaks about as a working mom and wife? Well, I have to say I am close to achieving this, but I am not sure one can ever have the perfect balance. I set out to write this blog and to say to all the women out in the professional world or working from home: don’t feel bad if you don’t have this work-life balance. 

At some point, I think that all working moms feel mom guilt or the work guilt. Mom guilt can involve choosing an important meeting that will make or break your career over your child’s school play. Work guilt can be felt when you have to take your lunch at 2 p.m. to get your son and drive him to hockey and you are 15 minutes late back to the office. We have all been in these two similar situations. Give yourself a break, as you are doing all that you can for work and family. My Generation X is the hard-working generation; we want it all and always have. We believe you can have it all if you work for it - how is that going so far! I think we can learn a thing or two from the millennials as they do put health and family above work. I am starting to see the importance in this during the last year. 

How important is that new car or house? Can you keep your current car for a bit longer?  Is your car or your health more important? The stress these days we put on ourselves is so great!  These are all the questions I asked myself before I made the leap of faith.  

As a new entrepreneur mom, I find I am so close to having it all! It is not going to happen overnight, but I am so close to being able to have the time for my family and my company. Love the Grind is a moto that GetintheLoop has and it is so true.

Do you love what you do and will you keep on grinding? That is what my success looks like! I am loving what I do and wake up ready to take on the day. Do you love what you do? What does your success look like? What part of your day gets you fired up and motivated?

Love the Grind


Start your own journey with GetintheLoop Local by exploring a franchise opportunity in your market. Explore the top five reasons that you should buy a franchise and get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation.

GetintheLoop Local a rewarding joint venture for father and son


GetintheLoop Local has given Murray Lengyel and his son, Glen, something they spent years looking for: the opportunity to work together.

Murray and Glen became local owners in Lethbridge, AB, on June 12, 2019, and have had an enjoyable experience working together to connect businesses in the city to Canada’s leading mobile offers platform.

“I really enjoy interacting with my son,” Murray said. “We enjoy each other’s company and we rub off on each other. In the world of business, we’re much more colleagues than we are a father and son; I appreciate the skills and strengths he brings and I think it’s mutual.”

Glen said that it has been a “very positive experience” working with his father. He originally planned to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a physical therapist; Murray spent 30 years in health care, primarily in the private sector as a clinic operator. Murray then transitioned into a career as an executive coach and Glen thought he also might be interested in this type of work. Glen previously worked for the City of Lethbridge in asset management and then for a commercial real estate firm. 


When Glen discovered GetintheLoop, he was sold on the platform and thought it was the perfect opportunity to approach his father about purchasing a franchise together.

“I liked the idea of the job’s mobility and the freedom to work hard on your own schedule,” Glen said. “I did sales in the past and I think I missed that motivation to set your income on your own terms. I wasn’t really growing in my job any more. 

“It’s a great partnership because I love technology, and my Dad loves to connect with people. That’s what this is all about: cutting-edge technology combined with building relationships.”

For Murray, it was clear that the GetintheLoop platform could have a tremendous impact on local businesses in Lethbridge.

“The thing that really grabbed my attention is the GetintheLoop tagline, ‘Shop Local, Wherever You Are,’ ” Murray said. “Having been involved in local business and actually being an owner, I just thought this would be a great way to give back to the community. I looked at the platform as a great way to assist local businesses in running a robust enterprise.”

After becoming local owners, Murray and Glen received training through Loop University. They said this training helped them become more comfortable with managing their business. The first business the local owners signed on was Backyard Leisure, a hot tub, pool and patio shop. It was a memorable moment for the pair.

“It was great to have Backyard Leisure instantly see the value in GetintheLoop,” Murray said. “They liked the concept and they really saw the way that transactions are moving more and more to people’s pockets with their smartphones. They saw it as a great way of marketing their business to a wide platform of people, perhaps people that didn’t know who they were and had never interacted with them.”

Murray and Glen have hit the ground running as local owners, signing nearly 20 businesses onto the platform. They have aimed to partner with a broad cross section of businesses that are independently owned.

“Lethbridge is that unique market: it’s a city of over 100,000 people and we have most of the amenities of a big city, but it still has that very small town local connection between business owners,” Glen said. “People like the idea that we’re really supporting local businesses. GetintheLoop is an affordable way for a business that may not have a huge marketing budget to reach a very ‘opted-in’ or focused audience.”

Moving forward, Glen and Murray are looking to build on their momentum and reach new businesses in the city. Glen said being a local owner has been an “enjoyable experience” and he finds satisfaction in helping local businesses engage with new and existing customers.


“A lot of business owners have asked us, ‘Why wouldn’t we go on the platform?’ ” Glen said. “My dad and I have a lot of confidence in selling a platform that business owners see value in immediately.

“We’re helping local businesses, and I think that’s the most rewarding part: providing someone with a platform that is easy to use, cost-effective, and reaches a target audience that is eager to support local business and discover new experiences.”

Start your own journey with GetintheLoop Local by exploring a franchise opportunity in your market. Explore the top five reasons that you should buy a franchise and get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation.

Top 5 Signs You’re Ready for a Digital Franchise Opportunity


If you’re still looking for that perfect career, then it could be the perfect opportunity for you to become a digital franchise owner. Digital franchising is considered to be the new frontier of franchising

Here are five signs that indicate your ready to take the leap:

1) You’re not content with your current job

Are you finding it difficult to feel that Monday Motivation at your current job? Many people who work traditional jobs struggle to embrace their workday because of the repetitive nature and limited room for creativity. TopResume.com notes that more than half of people who are currently employed are considering a new job. If you’re unsatisfied with your job and are uninspired by traditional job listings you’ve browsed, it’s time for you to pursue a more meaningful career like owning a digital franchise.

2) You have an entrepreneurial spirit

From your earliest days of childhood when you ran a lemonade stand, you’ve been enthralled by the idea of owning your own business and having skin in the game. While your career may have steered in another direction initially, you’ve never given up on your entrepreneurial dream. If you’re excited about the opportunity to become your own boss and you embrace the challenges of working hard to grow your business, then you’re a great candidate to become a digital franchise owner.

3) You can’t afford a brick-and-mortar franchise

To purchase a traditional franchise in Canada - with a physical location - you have to be prepared to make a total initial investment from between $150,000 and $200,000. If you’re looking to become a franchise owner but can’t afford that price tag, then digital franchise ownership is a logical path for you to consider. The financial investment is significantly lower because you don’t have to purchase a brick-and-mortar location or hire staff members.

4) You embrace digital technology

Society is riding a digital wave. Reports indicate there are more than one million new internet users every day. A perfect candidate for a digital franchise is someone who understands the positive impact digital technology can have in the business world, from creating sophisticated scheduling software to establishing digital shopping marketplaces. If you’re passionate about digital technology, it makes sense for you to pursue a career where you can connect clients to quality solutions.

5) You work best when you customize your own schedule

When you work a traditional 9-to-5 job, your daily schedule is largely controlled by the company you work for. Traditional franchise owners need to operate business hours that are consistent with other locations. If you’re looking to take control of your workday schedule, you’ll find a greater freedom as a digital franchise owner. Since you’re working for yourself and don’t need to operate traditional office hours, you can schedule your tasks accordingly to achieve success.

If the signs indicate you’re a great candidate to own a digital franchise, explore the opportunity to become the next member of Canada’s fastest growing franchise, GetintheLoop Local.

GetintheLoop is Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, and as a local owner you’ll create a digital marketplace in your community and help businesses reach local customers right on their smartphones. 

Check out the top five reasons that you should buy a franchise and get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation.

Top 5 Signs Your Community Needs a Digital Marketplace


GetintheLoop Local owners connect businesses in their communities to Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, creating a digital marketplace for smartphone shoppers. One factor entrepreneurs take into consideration when exploring the opportunity to become a local owner is whether or not their community needs a digital marketplace:

Here are five signs to look for in your community:

1) Diverse Selection of Quality Businesses

A digital marketplace needs to include a great selection of businesses from numerous categories to ensure a quality shopping experience for customers. Some of the popular categories on GetintheLoop’s platform are Food + Drink; Salon + Spa; Things to Do; Health + Fitness; and Shopping. If your community is home to many quality businesses in these categories, including them on a digital marketplace would provide value to consumers. 

2) Great Independent Shops With no Digital Presence

The lack of a digital presence can prevent independently owned businesses from attracting new customers, even if they offer a unique product, service or experience. If there are many independent businesses in your community facing this situation, they would embrace the opportunity to sign on to GetintheLoop as it’s a highly effective and affordable mobile advertising option.

3) Businesses Invest in Advertising

If businesses in your community market themselves through billboards, radio ads, social media, etc., it showcases they are willing to invest in advertising. Businesses are always looking for more efficient ways to advertise, especially in today’s digital society. GetintheLoop is more affordable than traditional advertising options and more effective in reaching mobile customers. 

4) Shop Local Movement is Thriving

As GetintheLoop helps businesses reach local customers through mobile offers, the platform will be most effective in communities where people are passionate about supporting local businesses. As a local owner, you could also help fuel the shop local movement in your community by connecting local businesses to the platform and raising awareness amongst consumers.

5) Active Smartphone Usage

Keep your eyes open when you’re out in the community to see if people are active on their phones, especially while they’re in stores or shopping centres. A thriving digital marketplace requires lots of customers. A high number of smartphone users in your community should equal a healthy GetintheLoop membership base.

If all the signs point toward your community being ready for a digital marketplace, let’s connect to discuss bringing GetintheLoop to your community as a local owner. Get in touch with our franchise team to talk about taking the next step

GetintheLoop Local owners have a great support team behind them


Going into business for yourself can be hard when you’re going at it alone, which is why GetintheLoop Local provides the highest level of support to all our local owners. We ensure they have all the tools they need to connect local businesses to Canada’s leading mobile offers platform and create a digital marketplace in their community.

Our local owners focus on three main areas to grow their business: sales, service and marketing. One of the ways they can become experts in these areas is by visiting our online portal and viewing training modules, best practices, case studies, guidelines and other important documents.

GetintheLoop Local owners also receive personalized training and assistance from sales, service and marketing managers that work out of GetintheLoop headquarters. From initial calls to day-to-day support, these managers work closely with local owners. Here’s a look at the types of support these managers provide:


To build a digital marketplace in their community, local owners need to sign a diverse groups of businesses onto GetintheLoop. This process includes prospecting, approaching businesses and closing the deal.

GetintheLoop’s team of expert salespeople can provide support to local owners through every stage of this process. After analyzing a marketplace, our team can create a list of businesses that are worth approaching about GetintheLoop. They teach local owners how to properly word prospect emails. Our team members also joins local owners for sales calls when they need some veteran support.


One of the unique things about my job is that when I first begin training local owners about making sales, many don’t actually realize they have done sales before. People don’t really understand that sales is all about having a conversation with someone. There’s often a negative perception around sales: a sleazy salesperson going door to door. I enjoy educating local owners on our approach: making connections with businesses in the community and building trust through conversations.

Brennan Reidy
Market Development Manager


Once a local owner signs a business on to GetintheLoop, the focus shifts to customer service. The local owner helps the business create offers that will attract new customers and monitor the effectiveness of their offers. 

GetintheLoop’s service team members are experts in the field of offers. They can lend a second set of eyes and evaluate elements such as the header, image and description. The support team can also help owners create an offer. They will conduct research into the business and also consider the types of offers other businesses in that sector have run effectively. If a local owner needs support on a service call, one of our team members would be happy to join the conversation.


It’s rewarding to work with our local owners and help them generate great offers that provide value to customers. It’s a great feeling to see these offers go live and witness the increased traffic our business partners experience. What makes this job interesting is the relationships that you build with all the local owners. Everyday is different and you get to learn about the unique aspects of each business and the passion behind them - whether it’s a local owner business or a partner business.

Caitlin McCormack
Partner Success Manager


By spreading the word about GetintheLoop through community events and social media platforms, local owners can help their business thrive. The goal of their marketing efforts should be to promote the benefits of the platform and show they’re committed to the success of their business partners by highlighting their involvement. 

GetintheLoop’s expert marketing support team helps local owners grow their market member base. Local owners can access marketing materials such as signage, decals and download cards that are useful at events and to display on the storefronts of partners. Our team stays on top of social media best practices and passes along helpful tips on how to create engaging posts and generate appropriate imagery or multimedia content.


We guide our local owners to create their own images using simple tools or give them training on how to best utilize social media. It's so rewarding seeing local owners taking the advice and training that I give them and seeing how excited they are when it pays off. Whether their following goes up or their engagement increases - they see that it works and I love seeing that click with them. My favourite part of working with them on marketing aspects is all the ideas that they come up with once they become more comfortable with marketing..

Madison Penner
Local Marketing Manager

The high level of support provided to local owners is one of many reasons that GetintheLoop Local is Canada’s fastest growing franchise. To explore the exciting opportunity to become a local owner, get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation.

Strength of GetintheLoop platform motivated Prince George local owners to take leap


After trying to sort through all the sponsored content cluttering his social media feeds, Dustin Woodbeck felt there had to be a better way for businesses to promote themselves.

“I noticed that many businesses were using Facebook and Instagram as a marketing tool and they don’t seem like the platforms for that; they’re places you go to see what your friends are up to or get information on an event,” Dustin said. “I was thinking, ‘Why isn’t there a platform exclusively for businesses to go and market their services or products?’ ”

When a friend informed Dustin about GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading mobile offers platform that gives businesses the ability to do just that, he felt that it was fate. Dustin showed the platform to his wife, Marianne, and they both felt a strong desire to get involved through GetintheLoop Local. The Woodbecks became local owners in Prince George, BC, on June 26, 2019.

“We thought GetintheLoop would be great for Prince George because we’re a growing economy,” Dustin said. “People are travelling downtown more often and there’s a lot more community engagement and involvement, so the market is kind of growing in that sense. 

“I feel that everyone is gearing more toward digital marketing where offers can be tracked and the analytical data can be looked at. It’s more intuitive to the member experience and helps the scrollers see what’s going on in town.”

The process of launching a business was a new experience for the Woodbecks. The training they received through Loop University helped slow things down and enabled them to become more comfortable with the process.

It was then time for the local owners to hit the pavement and start connecting businesses with GetintheLoop’s platform. Their first partner sign-up, Trench Brewery & Distilling, was a memorable one for them. The connection happened during the third meeting with the brewery.


“I was actually able to have a beer with one of the owners, listen to her marketing goals and learn more about her business. Then we were able to talk more in depth about GetintheLoop,” Dustin said.

“She said, ‘This sounds awesome; let’s sign up right now.’ I was just blown away. It was crazy. I was a little overwhelmed. Trench Brewery is still a partner of ours today and their offers are doing really great, so it’s been great for both of us.”

Dustin said the initial sign-up taught his wife and him about the importance of making personal connections with businesses, which has helped them in the long run.

“When you’re able to sit down and talk with someone on a personal level and get to know them, you can make a stronger connection that way,” Dustin said. “The most rewarding part about being a local owner is meeting local business owners and finding out what they’re passionate about.”

This philosophy has helped the Woodbecks connect some great businesses in Prince George to GetintheLoop, including the Prince George Cougars of the Western Hockey League. The Woodbecks have been able to shed light on some amazing local businesses in the city, not only brick and mortar, but also home-based businesses.

By teaming up together as local owners, Dustin and Marianne have been able to put forward their best effort while they each work other jobs. Dustin is a utility floater (fiberline) with Canfor and Marianne is a kinesiologist with CBI Health Group. Dustin handles a lot of the GetintheLoop sales, while Marianne focuses on the service side. 

The Woodbecks have big plans for their business going forward.

“We want to attract more members to the platform in Prince George and engage with the community by taking part in events,” Dustin said. “We’re looking to connect rural consumers to the platform so they can make the most out of their shopping trips to Prince George.”

Start your own journey with GetintheLoop Local by exploring a franchise opportunity in your market. Explore the top five reasons that you should buy a franchise and get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation.

Why partnering on a GetintheLoop franchise might be a great idea for you

While GetintheLoop Local attracts many talented solo entrepreneurs, some entrepreneurs have decided to take part in this exciting journey with a partner at their side, teaming up with family or friends to connect businesses to Canada’s leading mobile offers platform.

GetintheLoop recently sat down with three of our diverse groups of local owners, who talked about their experiences and shared their tips for working together effectively.

Iftekhar Ahmed & Caitlin MacLachlan: Joining Hands in Franchising

Halifx new.jpg

Married couple Iftekhar Ahmed and Caitlin MacLachlan fell in love with the idea of becoming GetintheLoop Local owners together. They started their journey as local owners in the Halifax, NS, market in April of 2019.

The couple was looking for a professional venture they could call their own and GetintheLoop Local checked off all the boxes. After several years of being employed by one company, Ahmed was looking to spend his spare time making his own business successful. MacLachlan had spent a couple years at home with the kids and was looking for a flexible business opportunity she could run with.

“Even if the business was only in one person’s name, as a couple you kind of do things together,” MacLachlan said. “Even if he was the one doing most of the work for the business, I’d want to provide my input as a life partner, not just a business partner.”

A key to the couple’s success has been playing to each other’s strengths. Since Ahmed has a sales background, he mainly meets with businesses and explains the benefits of joining GetintheLoop. MacLachlan provides customer service to their business partners. She loves tackling creative projects, from creating social media content to crafting offers for business partners.

“We work pretty well together,” MacLachlan said. “I know that husbands and wives working together can not go well, but so far it’s actually been pretty successful. 

“I think we appreciate that sometimes we see things from different angles and we definitely have different opinions once in a while. We both respect and value each other’s opinions enough that even when we disagree, we see the value in what the other person is saying and we see where they’re coming from -- we just happen to disagree or decide to take a different path.”

Nate Ouellette (left) & Sean Robertson: Franchising With the Help of a Friend


Nate Ouellette and Sean Robertson were friends for several years before they pursued a GetintheLoop Local franchise. The friends have been local owners in Fort McMurray, AB, since September of 2018.

They have effectively utilized a buddy system to keep their operation running smoothly. The friends work different shifts, which provides them with increased flexibility. They each bring unique skills to the table: Robertson focuses on the back-end of business operations while Ouellette thrives at the technical aspects.

“We compliment each other well, which is why it made sense for us to partner up,” Robertson said. “There’s definitely been some peaks and valleys, but when one of us is feeling low, the other one can pick them up.”

The friends have enjoyed their GetintheLoop Local journey and appreciate that they’ve been able to experience it together.

“It has been cool to have success and share it with someone you know,” Robertson said. “It’s been a lot of fun.”

One of the keys to Robertson and Ouellette finding success as joint business operators is that they spent time evaluating who they’d be working alongside before deciding to take the leap. 

“You need to take an honest look at what your strengths and weaknesses are and try to find someone who compliments them,” Robertson said. “Make sure you have a great and open relationship so you are both entering the business with the same mindset.”

Adam (left), David (right) and Susan Emanuel (not pictured) - All-in-the-Family Franchising 


David Emanuel became intrigued by GetintheLoop Local late in 2018, but was only interested in pursuing the franchise opportunity if his son, Adam, would come on as a partner. Though Adam was content with his current position at the time, he decided to take the leap so that he could work alongside his father. 

The Emanuels are local owners in Vaughan and North York, ON. Adam handles a lot of the day-to-day tasks such as reaching out to prospective business partners and providing customer service. He receives support from his father on larger partnerships and event planning. Adam’s mother, Susan, helps by making cold calls, doing customer drop-ins and providing overall support. 

Adam said the key to the family’s success has been “understanding their strengths and prioritizing their tasks accordingly.” He noted that the experience has helped him forge a stronger bond with his father, in particular. 

“It’s been a pretty cool relationship builder between me and my dad… learning how to be a businessman through my dad and learning how to do sales through my dad and directing any questions I have to him. 

“It’s been a really cool way to reintroduce myself to my dad because he’s always been like the father figure: getting me in trouble or punishing me right through high school. Now that I’m sort of his business partner, it’s a whole different outlook on who he is. It’s a different relationship and I’m really liking it a lot, that’s for sure.”

If you’ve been looking for a low-cost, high potential digital franchise opportunity, look no further than GetintheLoop Local. Get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation.

GetintheLoop audience grows through RBC Ventures collaboration


GetintheLoop is proud to announce that we’re collaborating with RBC Ventures to bring offers and experiences from local businesses to users of Rocketman, an RBC Venture

This collaboration will enable more Canadians to see and use local offers from coast to coast, powered by GetintheLoop’s Offers Platform.

Over 50 GetintheLoop Local owners are helping to empower businesses to reach more local consumers by helping them market offers directly to their customers’ smartphones.

Click here to read more.

For local owner Dodie Deets, business is personal


Dodie Deets has enjoyed shedding a spotlight on Moose Jaw’s business scene as a GetintheLoop local owner. 

Local team members like Dodie connect businesses to GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, but also have the opportunity to profile these businesses through Partner Spotlight features

Dodie has made it her mission to personally sit down with as many business partners as possible to learn their story; she has completed more than ten profiles so far and has no plans to slow down.

“I sat down with my first business partner the other day for a profile and the conversation was probably two hours long because we got off topic -- I don’t know how many times,” Dodie said with a laugh. 

“Prior to beginning the Partner Spotlight process, I asked another local team member what type of feedback she had received. She had emailed her questions out to partners and only heard back from a couple of them. I felt it would be more personable if I sat down with my partners; it’s all about building relationships.”

Dodie’s personal connection philosophy has certainly resonated with local business owners in Moose Jaw and helped her enjoy tremendous success since she started her GetintheLoop Local journey in June of 2019. She has signed on 19 partners so far in a wide-range of areas: restaurants, spas, night clubs, department stores, car dealerships and more.


“I used to work at a radio station in the sales department, and I noticed there were people who would introduce themselves to clients and never follow up,” Dodie said. “Following up is a key I swear by. 

“Another important thing for me is to do one more sales call before I go home; I call them drive bys. I could be driving by a business that I never thought of and I say “one more, just this one more.” I have a goal and I just aim for it every day.”

Prior to joining GetintheLoop, Dodie was a corporate employee with a direct sales company and worked a lot with home-based businesses. She focused on building teams, finding prospects and turning them into customers, and training/developing top leaders and sales-minded individuals. After the company’s Canadian office was closed down in January, Dodie began exploring other opportunities and came across GetintheLoop Local on a cold winter day. 

She thought it would be a great opportunity to become her own boss and continue working with businesses to help them achieve success. She chatted with business owners in Moose Jaw and determined there was a definite interest in GetintheLoop. She also talked with other GetintheLoop team members about their experiences. This process gave her confidence about pursuing the franchise opportunity.

As someone who has travelled throughout Canada for work, Dodie was also sold on GetintheLoop on a personal level.

“When I would travel, I would be like, ‘where’s the gym I can go to? Where should I eat? Where should I stay? What’s going on in the community?’ ” Dodie said. “I’d be there for four or five days and I don’t like sitting still; I want to go and experience the area.”

Dodie feels that the training she received through Loop University helped her begin her franchise experience on the right foot. She said that Brennan Reidy, her Market Development Manager, did a great job of relaying a large amount of information in a way that made sense. She loved having support in signing up her first two business partners: The Crushed Can and Cask 82.


Since her training ended, Dodie has hit the ground running. She enjoys having the ability to structure her workday and connect businesses in Moose Jaw with a platform that allows them to compete in today’s digital marketplace.

“I think you have to have the confidence to go out there and sell yourself,” Dodie said. “There are so many ways to market yourself out there right now; Facebook has such a broad audience and radio is hit-and-miss because there are so many different stations.

“People love being on their cell phones. With GetintheLoop, all of these businesses are in one place and you don’t need to download four or five different apps. We know a lot of people are shopping online, so why not deliver offers right to their fingertips? I love to keep things local.”

Start your own journey with GetintheLoop Local by exploring a franchise opportunity in your market. Explore the top five reasons that you should buy a franchise and get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation.

Why those looking for a career change may find their answer in owning a digital franchise like GetintheLoop Local

When you’re looking for that perfect job, it seems the search is always on. One survey has found that an average person will change jobs 12 times during his or her career. And if someone isn’t changing jobs at the moment, you can bet they’re thinking about it. TopResume.com notes that more than half of people who are currently employed are considering a new job.

Many dissatisfied employees share a similar thought process: “my ideal job is out there and I just have to keep looking.” There is, realistically, a great fit out there for every employee, but the problem is that many of us are looking for our dream jobs in the wrong places. 

If you’re still searching for the perfect job, now is the time to explore the idea of purchasing a digital franchise. 

Digital franchising is considered to be the new frontier of franchising. This model gives franchise owners access to a company’s digital technology and the ability to market this platform in their marketplace. The platform being marketed is usually aimed at helping businesses increase their efficiency in areas such as marketing, scheduling or keeping inventory.

The digital franchise system could be a breath of fresh air for any job seeker who is tired of jumping from job to job in search of a fit. 

The problem with traditional jobs

As the numbers showcase, people are dissatisfied with their current jobs and are seeking new opportunities at every turn. It’s worth examining why the traditional job model has failed so many people. 

A key reason is the structure of a typical job. A company with a job opening is looking to hire an employee that will fulfill the specific requirements of that position. The requirements of the  employee being hired, therefore, are not exactly top of mind.

While job seekers will apply for positions in areas that interest them, employers still have considerable control over their work lives by determining:

  • The amount of money they earn

  • How many hours they work

  • What location they work from

  • What their day-to-day priorities are

  • How they should structure their work day

In the end, you are applying for a position that was created for the company, not for you.

The traditional franchise or entrepreneurship model provides more freedom, with some limitations

It makes sense that employees who aren’t content with the jobs on the market would look to take control of their own work life.

Entrepreneurship provides the greatest opportunity for people to become their own bosses. When you launch a business, you have created your a position for yourself and can structure your workday. You have the freedom to hire employees to help drive your vision forward.

Unfortunately, launching a business is not always an easy feat. You need to have a unique idea for a product or service that will meet the needs in your market. A new business also requires a large amount of start-up money. Once your open your business, it can take years of non-stop work before you earn a profit.

Becoming the owner of a traditional franchise in your market - such as a restaurant, gym or salon -- is another way to become your own boss. Some of the risk factors associated with entrepreneurship are removed because you’ll be associated with a franchise brand that is likely well-known.

One of the setbacks is that there are some high costs associated with traditional franchises, from franchise fees to the cost of constructing your building to hiring employees. While you are the boss of your franchise, your day-to-day work life is still structured in the sense that your hours of operation will have to be consistent with other franchises.

A digital franchise is the ultimate solution

The digital franchise experience provides the best of both worlds when it comes to entrepreneurship and the traditional franchise model.

As a digital franchisee, you can approach your business venture with confidence based on the knowledge that you’re working in the digital industry. Society is riding a digital wave; there are more than four billion internet users worldwide and today’s consumers are always connected through their mobile devices.

Businesses are looking to reach customers on the mobile devices they spend so much time on. Mobile advertising, in particular, is skyrocketing and is expected to continue experiencing the greatest growth across all digital platforms. 

The way a digital franchise is structured is very appealing. Since the franchise model is mobile by nature, you’re not tied down by some of the restrictions of a traditional franchise model: you won’t need to purchase retail space for your franchise, buy expensive equipment or hire employees. 

As a digital franchisee, you have the freedom to customize your work schedule to help you achieve success. Everyone has their own creative process for getting the job done. Instead of following the typical 9-to-5 model, it might work better for you to start work a bit earlier or get some work done in the evening. 

Becoming the owner of a digital franchise is a great opportunity for you to make an impact in your community. You will be helping to connect local businesses to a new digital technology that will make a positive impact on their bottom line.


GetintheLoop Local could be the perfect digital franchise opportunity for you

GetintheLoop launched its franchise program -- GetintheLoop Local -- in early 2018. Our franchise owners connect businesses in different Canadian markets to our leading mobile offers platform.

GetintheLoop Local is Canada’s fastest growing franchise and there are exciting opportunities for franchise owners looking to operate out of territories in major metropolitan cities or small- to mid-size markets.

Learn more about the benefits of GetintheLoop Local:

GetintheLoop Local introduces in-house financing

GetintheLoop CEO Matt Crowell (right) with former Canadian Western Bank CEO Larry Pollock, who helped developed the in-house financing program for GetintheLoop Local.

GetintheLoop CEO Matt Crowell (right) with former Canadian Western Bank CEO Larry Pollock, who helped developed the in-house financing program for GetintheLoop Local.

July 8, 2019
For Immediate Release

Canada’s fastest growing franchise, GetintheLoop Local, has introduced an in-house financing program to relieve the major barrier facing some entrepreneurs.

GetintheLoop Local franchise owners connect businesses with GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading mobile offers platform. Since the franchise program was launched 10 months ago, GetintheLoop Local has looked to attract motivated individuals with big ideas, not big pocketbooks, and in-house financing reaffirms this philosophy.

“Our mission is to help small businesses succeed and create opportunities for entrepreneurs everywhere,” said GetintheLoop CEO Matt Crowell. “We understand that great entrepreneurs don’t always have access to the funds required to become a franchisee, which is why we’re focused on people, not the ability to pay.”

GetintheLoop received valuable input on its in-house financing program from former Canadian Western Bank CEO Larry Pollock, who has worked alongside VP of Finance Peter Geh from the beginning of the process. Pollock is an investor in GetintheLoop and also serves in an advisory role.

“It has been rewarding to work on the launch of an in-house financing program for GetintheLoop Local,” Pollock said. “We strongly considered the needs of entrepreneurs throughout this process and have created a system that gives them greater financial freedom as they pursue this amazing opportunity.”

Pollock, who joined the CWB in 1990, retired in 2013 with the distinction of being the longest-serving CEO in Canadian banking history. Under his leadership, CWB’s market capitalization grew from $16 million to $2.3 billion and its assets increased to $17 billion by the time of his retirement.

“Having someone like Larry Pollock support our team is clearly a huge advantage to a young company like GetintheLoop,” Crowell said. “We’re excited to work with him on managing the rapid growth of our company.”

GetintheLoop Local’s in-house financing is available as of July 1. There has never been a greater opportunity for interested entrepreneurs who have been held back by financial concerns to take the leap.

“While we expect 90 per cent of our franchisees to find their own means for capital, having this option is exciting for so many great entrepreneurs that would be a perfect fit for GetintheLoop but are in a position where they can’t afford to jump at the opportunity,” said VP of Franchise Operations Nick Fane.

About GetintheLoop Local

The first ever SaaS digital franchise gives entrepreneurs across Canada the opportunity to operate their own turnkey mobile marketing franchise. Local team members connect businesses in their communities to the GetintheLoop platform and provide ongoing support to help these businesses achieve their goals.

To learn more about GetintheLoop Local, visit https://getinthelooplocal.com.

The Best Part of my GetintheLoop Local Franchisee Experience

There are many reasons that our GetintheLoop Local team members have fallen in love with their new franchise, such as the ability to connect with local businesses in their communities; customize their work schedules to achieves success; be part of a growing and dynamic team; and help deliver Canada’s leading mobile marketing platform.

We chatted with some of our franchisees and asked them about the X factor that has made their GetintheLoop Local experience stand out.

Chrissie Rozak (Airdrie & Okotoks Alberta): Lighting the entrepreneurial flame


“The experience has been nothing like what I expected, in a good way. It’s really ignited a fire and a passion and a fuel for entrepreneurship that I never knew existed.

“In that respect, I’m so thrilled that my husband and I took this leap and took this chance because I am addicted to selling: the thrill of getting a business to say ‘yes’. When you walk into a room and say ‘I’m Chrissie from GetintheLoop’ and they say ‘We know who you are.’

“It’s insane..  it’s literally insane. It’s such a rush and such a thrilling feeling.”

Adam Emanuel (Vaughan & North York, Ontario): Being embraced by the GetintheLoop family


“I’ve never been a franchisee or really part of a big company before. I never really expected Matt Crowell (GetintheLoop CEO) to be so welcoming and actually engaging with people that are, technically speaking, so far below him in the food chain. 

“Just the mere fact that GetintheLoop as a head office and Matty -- the way you guys work as a cohesive unit as opposed to a food chain is really awesome to us and really makes us feel welcome.

“The person that I’ve contacted the most has been Chrissie Rozak (GetintheLoop Local franchisee in Airdrie, Alberta). I’ve had a few conversations back and forth, bouncing ideas off each other and just letting each other know either what apps we’re using or programs we’re using to make our social media. I’ve never spoken to her with my voice before, but I feel like I have an actual relationship with her… that she’s my friend.”

Kelsi Barclay (Calgary, Alberta): Discovering local treasures and putting them on the map

Kelsi Barclay.gif

“You pick an area and you’re just going door to door to door. It has been astonishing to me that I have lived in this city for almost seven years and there is so much that I have not seen. 

“I’ll pick an area because I’m like, ‘oh, there's a really cool shop in that area that I’ve been to’, but then I spend an hour going door to door and I’m just astounded by how many incredible business owners there are in this city. Each one of them is unique and each one of them has a different story and a reason why they started what they did. Sitting down and talking to these people has been such a blessing to me.

“You just don’t realize what’s in your own backyard until you start to look for it. I don’t expect every person in the city to make the time or even have the time if they wanted to go door to door to door in a community.

“The fact that I’m able to do that legwork and put all that information into a convenient place for Calgarians to see makes me feel excited to get up every day.”

Dale Jacobs (Dauphin, Manitoba): Providing businesses with local representation


“The more you interact with business owners, the more you do develop a relationship with them where you genuinely want to help them. You do see their struggles.

“I can come from being on the other side of the table. A lot of people over the years have tried to pitch me something. Sometimes I’ve said ‘ok’ and it hasn’t panned out because the commitment of the person I bought it from wasn’t there, or maybe the head office was far away and there was no local representation.

“Really, you are not only representing yourself but your partners who you sign on. These people put in a lot of work. I relate with business owners. I am one. It’s a different breed. These people don’t work Monday to Friday; they could work Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. You’re helping people out. You realize locally you’re all in this together.”

Jim Allison (Moncton, New Brunswick & Halifax, Nova Scotia): Reconnecting with entrepreneurial roots


“Before I joined the construction company in Halifax, I was an entrepreneur myself and I had my own businesses. 

“I kind of knew what would attract me and it didn’t take me long once I heard about GetintheLoop and how the platform worked to say ‘geez that business makes a lot of sense to me going on 60 years old. That would be pretty good and I think I can utilize my contacts’.

“The experience has been five star. The head office is fantastic. It doesn’t take anybody any length of time to answer a question or get back to you. I learn everyday with this business, which is my goal.”

GetintheLoop franchise brings family closer together


Adam Emanuel gave his dad, David, an early Father’s Day present in March by becoming a GetintheLoop Local franchisee in Vaughan, Ont.

The gift definitely had an element of surprise to it. David became intrigued by the franchise opportunity late in 2018, but he was only interested in pursuing it if his son would come on as a partner. Emanuel, however, had his reservations.

He was content with his position as a crossfit coach/personal trainer and wasn’t sure why an app company would need his assistance to market its platform. The guiding factor that initially sold Emanuel was a pitch that hit close to home.

“The way my dad really sold me on it was that it was an opportunity to be in business together as a family,” Emanuel said. “It seemed like it would be great to run this as a family business and manage things together.”

While Emanuel has become the leading force behind the franchise, he has been pleased to work directly alongside his family: his mom and dad have supported him and his brother and sister-in-law are soon to join the fold.

The family connection doesn’t end there, though.

Emanuel has found that not only has he been welcomed on as a GetintheLoop Local team member, but as an extended family member. He said the family vibes originated right at the top from GetintheLoop CEO Matt Crowell.

“I’ve never been a franchisee or part of a big company before. I never expected Matt to be so welcoming and engaging to those of us who are, technically speaking, so far below him in the food chain,” Emanuel said. “In terms of the GetintheLoop ‘Wolfpack’ community, I actually do feel really connected. Just the mere fact that Matty and the head office staff work as a cohesive unit as opposed to a food chain structure is really awesome and really makes you feel welcome.

“The person I’ve contacted the most has been Chrissie Rozak (GetintheLoop Local franchisee in Airdrie). We’ve gone back and forth, bouncing ideas off each other. I’ve never spoken to her with my voice before, but I feel like I have an actual relationship with her - that’s she’s my friend.”

When asked when this sense of inclusiveness began, Emanuel pointed to his initial training through Loop University. He said it was an “amazing experience” taking part in the classroom sessions and listening to GetintheLoop staff members walk franchisees through the ins and outs of the platform.

“I learned about GetintheLoop and how it can help businesses. Being a franchise owner is not just a way to make money, but a way to actually help people as well,” Emanuel said. “It was great to hear people at that level explain their product and realize that we’re going to be able to potentially explain it as well as they do one day.”

Emanuel also formed a solid connection early on with his market development manager, Daniel Andrews, who helped him focus on how to sell the platform in his market through prospecting, cold calls and sales meetings.


“When Dan visited my market, it was the most fun I’ve actually had so far with GetintheLoop,” Emanuel said. “Dan is someone who’s experienced and knows the product backwards and forwards.”

Despite the solid field training Emanuel received, he was admittedly nervous during his first solo sales call, which was with Bobby's Liquidation Outlet in Thornhill, Ont.. He loved the sales aspect of being a personal trainer and was looking forward to connecting businesses with the GetintheLoop platform, but that didn’t stop a few butterflies from fluttering to the surface.

It turned out that Emanuel had the wings and was ready to fly,

“It ended up being a pretty easy sale. I had spoken with the owner briefly beforehand, but then I went in and I just spoke to him about the platform,” Emanuel said.

“Once I had that little experience of my own, I was pretty confident about what I was going to say and then the ball was rolling. It’s just been getting better and better.”

Emanuel has indeed progressed at a rapid rate since his franchise launched; he has signed up over 20 business partners so far. This success led him to recently take on another franchise in North York, an administrative division in Toronto.

“The decision to eventually take on multiple franchises was made when we first joined GetintheLoop,” Emanuel said. “My dad doesn’t look at something as a piece of the cake; he looks at it as a very big portion. We’re looking to expand into three, four or maybe even five different regions.”

Emanuel is shooting for the stars when it comes to his future GetintheLoop plans. To meet the needs of multiple markets, he plans to maintain the solid work ethic he has established.

As a GetintheLoop Local team member, Emanuel enjoys having the ability to customize his work schedule to operate at a high level of efficiency. Emanuel sometimes works outside traditional work hours, which allows him to still hit the gym for an afternoon workout.

“The keys to our success is not that we’re always thinking about GetintheLoop, but it’s always there.” Emanuel said. “We’re not just going to shut our brains off from work just because the clock struck five.”

Start your own journey with GetintheLoop Local by exploring a franchise opportunity in your market. Get in touch with our franchise team to start the conversation:

Shillington a believer in GetintheLoop and its founder

GetintheLoop Chief Marketing Officer Jason Mann (left) recently chatted with longtime GetintheLoop investor Cliff Shillington about why he has supported the platform over the years.

GetintheLoop Chief Marketing Officer Jason Mann (left) recently chatted with longtime GetintheLoop investor Cliff Shillington about why he has supported the platform over the years.

GetintheLoop CEO Matt Crowell made quite the first impression on Cliff Shillington. When Crowell was originally considering a career in the real estate industry, he sat down for a chat with Shillington, who had worked alongside Matt’s father at RE/MAX in Kelowna.

“I especially remember his tremendous sense of energy and enthusiasm,” Shillington said. “He seem focused on what he wanted to do, and after chatting with him I realized real estate isn’t what he wants to do; he’s got better plans.”

Crowell launched the GetintheLoop platform in 2011 as a way for golf courses to market open tee times to golfers. Shillington kept up-to-date on Crowell’s progress through conversations with his dad. During one of their chats, the topic veered toward GetintheLoop as a possible investment opportunity.

Shillington was admittedly hesitant; he had invested in tech companies in the late 90s and said the only return he got on his investment was “no money in my bank account”. He decided to take a meeting with Matt and credits it as one of the smartest business decisions he has ever made.

“I was really taken by Matt’s focus, excitement, enthusiasm and commitment that he could make this happen and make this grow,” Shillington said. “Interestingly enough, I’d seen these traits before with some people associated with RE/MAX where I just knew they would do it.

“As I sat there and listened to Matt, I got the sense that he was onto something. I swore to myself that I’d never invest in a tech company again, and here I am writing him a cheque for x number of dollars.”

Shillington has gone on to invest in GetintheLoop not once or twice, but four times. His contributions have supported GetintheLoop in becoming Canada’s leading mobile marketing platform. Today, local businesses from every industry imaginable use the software to market unique products, services and experiences to customers.

“Do I believe in what he’s doing? Absolutely. That’s what really allowed me to make a decision to support Matt,” Shillington said. “I’ve been with RE/MAX from early on, and similar to how RE/MAX revolutionized the real estate industry, I felt from the beginning that this platform would revolutionize the advertising media business.

“If you own a real estate company, you traditionally will spend your fair share on print media. It gets dropped on people’s doorsteps and no one’s reading it. People make a specific decision to download GetintheLoop and see what’s on it. Now, you’re reaching the consumers you want to get who are going to look at what's being offered and take advantage of it. GetintheLoop is way more affordable for small business owners than taking out an ad in print media.”

One of the most valuable assets Shillington has invested into GetintheLoop is his franchising expertise. He was the Vice President of International Business Development with RE/MAX from 2000-2005, helping expand the company’s international franchise footprint from 32 to 54 countries.

Needless to say, when Crowell first explored the idea of establishing a franchise component to GetintheLoop, Shillington was just the person to seek counsel from - even if Crowell didn’t realize it at the time.

“He said, ‘I’m hoping to find someone who knows something about franchising.’ I said, ‘You don’t know what I used to do, do you?’ When I told him about my experience at RE/MAX, he was just sitting there and couldn’t believe it,” Shillington said with a laugh. “I thought it was a great idea.”

Leading up to the inception of the franchise program GetintheLoop Local in 2018, Shillington and Crowell spent a lot of time brainstorming ways to move the franchise program from concept to reality. Shillington noted that he talked to Matt “more on a daily basis than my kids” as he related his RE/MAX franchise expansion experiences.

“When we’d go into an international region with RE/MAX, some people thought it was a hot air balloon company,“ Shillington said. “When you’ve got a new franchise coming into the market, the brand is not known and you have to spread awareness to the consumers and the ones who want to buy the franchise.”

This initial advice and ongoing support from Shillington has helped GetintheLoop Local gain the distinguished status of being Canada’s fastest growing franchise program. Shillington feels that GetintheLoop is “blowing the doors off any franchise that’s out there.”

“The success that GetintheLoop Local has enjoyed in a short period of time is because we’re offering things that no other franchise offers,” Shillington said. “It offers individuals the ability to buy a franchise with such a small capital investment. When you join GetintheLoop, you probably already own a phone because that’s how you got in touch with us and you likely own a car. The only other things you need are desire and enthusiasm to go out and do it.”

Shillington thinks GetintheLoop has a “tremendous” future in store. He said it will be important for the team to remain focused on its goals.

“Matt’s enthusiasm is what has got us to this point and his team has followed him with the same level of enthusiasm and desire,” Shillington said. “The team recognizes that we have to keep pushing the envelope. Can we do something better? Can we continue to create something that’s going to be what the consumer wants and what the businesses want?

“Knowing Matt, this innovation isn’t going to stop.”

Top 5 reasons that you should buy a franchise


The GetintheLoop Local program is rapidly gaining steam - it’s Canada’s fastest growing franchise - and now is a perfect opportunity for dedicated entrepreneurs to hop aboard the train. There are exciting opportunities for franchise owners looking to operate out of territories in major metropolitan cities or small- to mid-size markets.

GetintheLoop is the top-rated iOS and Android application of its kind in Canada that allows businesses to deliver real-time experiences and exclusive offers directly to the mobile phones of engaged consumers. Our talented GetintheLoop Local owners help connect local companies with this technology.

There are countless reasons why GetintheLoop Local franchise owners have fallen in love with their new career, but here are five common ones:

1) Start-up is easy peasy:

While Rome wasn’t built in a day, it won’t take long for your franchise to get up and running. After you’ve made the decision to become a franchisee, our experts will immerse you in the platform through Loop University and hold your hand for some introductory sales. We guarantee you’ll have made your first sale by the end of training.

We’re not looking to bog you down like some traditional franchise models. Our start-up fee is low as we’re looking to attract motivated individuals with big ideas, not big pocketbooks. You don’t need to purchase an office with expensive equipment or hire employees.

2) Each day brings the opportunity to discover local wonders

Everyone loves shopping local. The products are one-of-a-kind and the people behind the businesses always have a remarkable story to tell. Historically it has been difficult, however, for local businesses to afford much in the way of marketing.

As a GetintheLoop Local franchise owner, you’re helping to bring these businesses an affordable, but incredibly effective software that will put them on the map and drive local consumers to unique shopping experiences. This process will open your eyes to the incredible local gems out there; you’ll be like a treasure hunter.

3) You have the ability to customize your workday

The traditional workplace model of punching a clock and planting yourself at a cubicle all day is not conducive to great businesses. The adaptable workplace environment of GetintheLoop Local allows franchisees to create a schedule that will help them be most productive.

While all GetintheLoop owners work hard to deliver the platform to clients, they have the freedom to work from a mobile office or rearrange their schedule if an important family moment pops up. Each entrepreneur has their own unique process for getting the job done and we’re happy to embrace your creative process.

4) We’re here for you

If you’re like most of our franchisees, you’ll be eager to jump off the deep end once training has ended. If at any point you feel like you’re starting to sink, we’re here with a buoy. Whether a client stumps you with a tough question, you’re having an issue with the software or you aren’t sure how to execute your marketing campaign, we’ll provide an answer promptly.

Franchise owners are assigned a market development manager, local support manager and local marketing manager so the three core aspects of their business are supported by three people in the GetintheLoop staff who have those skill sets specifically.

5) We’ll show you the money

A steady income stream is important for any franchise owner. As we've grown to 35 markets, we've attracted regional and national clients. You'll earn passive revenue through our unique national account revenue sharing program.

Mobile marketing is a great medium to invest in and it’s not hard to sell clients on the many benefits. Traditional advertising in newspapers, phone books and radio stations is going the way of the dinosaur. By choosing a career in mobile marketing, you’re working in an industry where the sky’s the limit and the revenue potentials are through the roof.

Like what you read? Get in touch with our franchise development team and we’ll give you even more reasons to get excited! https://getinthelooplocal.com/why-join-getintheloop.

State, Story, Strategy: one franchisee’s business principle that has driven his success


Dale Jacobs is one of GetintheLoop’s newest Local team members, having operated his franchise for a little over a month now. He initially heard about GetintheLoop when one of his friends posted an offer on Facebook and it piqued his interest, and before he knew it, he was on GetintheLoop’s website, learning more about local franchise opportunities.

For Dale, it was the fact that GetintheLoop was both digital and mobile that really got him excited. Having run his own successful business, Prairie Supply Co. for 10 years, he knew a good opportunity when he saw one, and at the time, there was nothing like GetintheLoop for local business owners in Dauphin.

“When I first saw GetintheLoop it sparked my interest as a business owner,” he said. “I was looking at it from that angle, knowing it was a tool that would be really useful in my own business. Then I started to think, well if I like this, and see the benefit of it to my business, it’s highly likely that other local businesses will too.”


Being an astute business owner, Dale knew there were lots of apps out there, so his initial due diligence was in making sure that this was a unique product, as well as a good fit for the Dauphin business community. And it was. “I believed in the program and what it could do to add value to local businesses here in Dauphin.” he says.

Dale believed that GetintheLoop checked all the boxes for a potential franchise opportunity. Not only were the costs of buying the franchise and the franchise rates affordable, but the success of the business was going to be relative to the effort that Dale put in - something that was extremely attractive to him. Dale started Prairie Supply Co. with just 2 boxes of shoes, and ten years later he has multiple locations and it’s grown into a steady business. So he was not afraid of a bit of hard work.

With the confidence to make the Dauphin GetintheLoop franchise a success, he signed the paperwork and dived in head-first joined by GetintheLoop team members Nick and Brennan for four days of intense training and launching Dale’s business.

Two days of classroom-style learning were followed by a couple of days of practical experience, hitting the streets - something Dale thrives at. “I learned so much in those few days! We were submerged into the Dauphin market so we quickly got a feel for each other, and for the market we were going into.” In fact, during this week Dale, with Nick and Brennan’s help signed up ten accounts while also creating a buzz in the market for future partnerships.

“You have to embrace it when you commit to something like this. It’s like jumping off a diving board - there’s no going back, and you have to give it 100%. As every business owner knows, that’s the key to success.”


One of the things that Dale was most impressed about with GetintheLoop was that all of the systems needed to run the business are already in place. While many new business owners have to “wing it” until they figure it out, it’s not the case with GetintheLoop. The processes are tried and tested.

Dale believes that one of the biggest factors in the success of the Dauphin GetintheLoop franchise—which has seen 29 businesses come on board in the first 5 weeks—is that it’s a local person just like them running it. “I like to spend time interacting with business owners and building relationships with them. When they see that we are all in this together locally, as a community, all striving for success, and I genuinely want to help the community—my community—succeed, they tend to be much more open to discussions. It’s about conversing. Not pitching.”

Dale runs his business with the same guiding principles that he runs his life. He says that while rules can be stretched or broken, principles are to live by, and his is “State-Story-Strategy”. He believes that the state you are in when you start your day is going to guide the story of your day - whether positive or negative. The strategy then is how you process that information and make your day what you want. If you work on yourself first you will go into your day with a positive head on your shoulders. He understands, however, that positivity isn’t something you can generate 100% of the time. “I know that it isn’t possible to turn negatives into positives every single day, therefore I allow myself one day a business week that can be considered a loss, but the other 4 business days in the week are mine to win. If you’re experiencing bad days more than that, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. Life is what you make of it.”

GetintheLoop for Good


GetintheLoop was built to support local businesses, local entrepreneurs, and local communities. Recently, Sean, Nate, and Scott of GetintheLoop Fort McMurray showed how they used GetintheLoop for a good cause in their community.  

Wanting to re-boost brand awareness now that the app had been live in their community for seven months, the GetintheLoop Fort McMurray team decided to host a party for the community. What’s better than a party? A party for a great cause!

“Our mission was obviously to get downloads and new users, which we did, but our primary concern was throwing a great social event that would get the media buzzing across town.  We wanted people anxiously awaiting our next event, and draw some attention to our current partners.”

- Scott Germain of GetintheLoop Fort McMurray


Aiming to support their local SPCA, GetintheLoop Fort McMurray teamed up with a local radio station, 100.5 CRUZ FM to promote the event. Together they came up with the theme 80s Fitness Unleashed: Let’s Get ‘Fur’sical! With fun videos and social media posts leading up to the event, the Fort McMurray team made sure that their community knew about the event.

With entry by donation, party go-ers were able to redeem a free drink through the GetintheLoop app, which ensured that the guests were learning how to use the app, while having a great time and giving back to their local SPCA.


With support from the Fort McMurray Firefighters, The Mayor, and SNAP’D Woodbuffalo, the event was a huge success and got the town buzzing about GetintheLoop. The best part, GetintheLoop Fort McMurray raised $4,000 for the SPCA!

We salute our Fort McMurray franchise team for their commitment, passion, and support for their community and the local charities within it. The Fort McMurray franchisees showed how GetintheLoop can be used not only to benefit local businesses and consumers in town, but also charities and the community as a whole.

Why I Took The Leap


Taking the leap into entrepreneurship can be intimidating. We asked some of our franchisees to share why they decided to invest in a GetintheLoop franchise. All coming from different career backgrounds and different cities across Canada, it was clear that they all had an entrepreneurial spirit.

Check out what made some of our franchisees take the leap below:

Shauna Sereda - Saskatoon


I always wanted my own business, I don't have that corporate girl personality but I just hadn't found anything that really suited me. GetintheLoop turned into a great fit for many reasons... I looked at the business from a consumer's view and knew I would use it, and I did the same on the business side.  It had to be a product/service that I loved and believed in, and GetintheLoop brought that. It had a great concept and business model. I appreciated that it was affordable for all businesses, and it was a place where they could showcase their business without deep discounting. Affordability was the other key factor for me, I am a single parent so I didn't have a lot of extra money. There is no need for a bricks and mortar location and no inventory costs, which made the franchise very affordable for everyone. Consumers and businesses love the concept around GetintheLoop because it makes sense and it’s simple; great things don't have to be complicated.

Tim Hurley- Red Deer


There are many reasons why I jumped at the chance to buy this franchise, first was that it lit the entrepreneurial flame inside of me again. I had given up on the thought  If being my own boss for far too long, but when I heard about GetintheLoop I got excited fast. Being able to work for myself and help local businesses have a voice in a very competitive market is a win-win.

Chrissie and Clay Rozak - Airdrie


We purchased a GetintheLoop franchise for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons was personal and financial freedom.  We want to be able to walk our kids to and from school each and every day. We also want to set ourselves and our kids up to ensure financial stability in the future. It was also new and exciting.  We had both been in our careers for almost 20 years and it was time for a change. Finally, we truly believe in the app and the team’s vision.

Tyler Hope - Cochrane


When I originally thought about buying a franchise, I was frustrated with my current day job and Getintheloop provided a new opportunity to build a business where I wasn't tied to a daily grind.  A place where I could spend time with customers, a place where I could get back to enjoying what I do rather than going to work every day. Together with my wife, we have started out down the path of entrepreneurship, building our small business with the plan of continued growth.

Stacey Barber - North Okanagan

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 3.02.35 PM.png

I have always been interested in the Technology Industry and was ready for a change in my current position, making a  GetintheLoop Franchise a great fit for me. The thought of being my own boss as well as having a true work-life balance was what made me take the leap of faith.  The support from GetintheLoop Headquarters and training on the system was more than I could have expected and made the transition into being a business owner smooth.

Do you think you’re ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship? Get in touch with our Franchise Team and learn how you can bring GetintheLoop to your community.