Local Businesses Need a Voice


At a very young age, I knew I wanted to be a business owner.  I was attracted to the ability to earn lots of money and be in control... be my own boss you could say.

I started like many entrepreneurs, by opening up a lemonade stand, and then moved onto shovelling driveways, mowing lawns, and then at age 19 I started to run my own hockey camps.  I quickly learned that running a business is challenging; it is stressful but it’s also rewarding.

One of my first “career” roles was at the Business Development Bank of Canada. At BDC they focus on lending solutions and consulting for small business across Canada.  It took me about 8 minutes into the role to know that working at a government bank was not for me, but the opportunity to help small business owners and get under the hood of so many companies and industries was necessary if I wanted to succeed on my own in the future. I was excited about that!

During my 11 months at BDC, I would study businesses financial statements, their margins, the traits that made successful business owners, and I worked to deeply understand their challenges.  One thing that I kept focusing on, and was drawn to was the businesses’ need to attract customers. Every business needs to operate efficiently, you need great products, fantastic service, and you need to have a margin; but none of this matters if you can’t find ways to attract new and repeat customers.

The big problem and opportunity that has been created by mobile phones and the digital world we live in today is that small to medium-sized businesses have lost their local voice.  For as long as anyone can remember you got the word out about your business through word of mouth, your local newspaper, or if you were able to afford it, you could put your ads on the radio… and for decades, this worked.  

Insert: Disruption in the local advertising landscape.

In a matter of years, everything changed. Word of mouth went digital and now takes place on social networks and through digital communication like text, and video. Advertisers however, are charging a premium for traditional services. Consumers no longer open their local paper, turn on their local radio station for music or tune in to their favourite local show. We now follow our news through our phones online (I use twitter) and we listen to Spotify or iTunes for our music. Our favourite personalities or hosts are no longer local, but global through podcasts and digital streams like youtube. I am stating the obvious, but where does that leave the local businesses that need a voice.

It leaves local businesses looking for an affordable channel to connect and interact with their future customers.  

When I first started GetintheLoop, or at the time “The Golf Loop”, it was a first step in trying to solve for this conundrum local businesses have been left with. From very early on we worked with golf courses to help them attract new customers through text messages and e-mails, helping create a meaningful and immediate connection to a new local customer base.  After two years of learning and listening to businesses in a variety of industries having that same challenge, I decided this would become our mission and vision for GetintheLoop, to create a platform and community that gives small business their voice back and we have been building ever since!

We have worked with over one thousand businesses on their local marketing strategy and continued to evolve and adjust based on their feedback.  The GetintheLoop platform was built to help a business tell their story, build their brand, highlight their products and services while using offers, unique experience and events to solve the biggest problem in business – customer attraction!

We grew to a team of over 30 strong and have heard from many of our customers the difference we have made in helping start their business, grow their business or in some cases, help save their business.  The biggest challenge we have faced? How do we bring GetintheLoop across North America, and one day the world, as quickly as we can because we know it is needed!

Insert: Disruptive digital franchise

GetintheLoop Local: A franchise opportunity we created to empower entrepreneurs in each community to own their own business by helping give a local voice BACK to small and medium sized business across the country.

Small business is at the core of our economy and makes up over 70% of all employment in Canada.  It is up to all of us to continue to support our business community by spending with local retailers, avoiding that big amazon order, and spreading the word about all the great businesses and business owners in your area.  It's not just important, it’s imperative. I encourage everyone to focus on ways to spend their money at local businesses and we will do our part by growing as fast as we possibly can to soon give businesses a local voice in every community across North America.

Positivity – It’s Powerful


Happy New Year!  I hope you have taken some time to recharge, get focused and gear up for an exciting 2019.

I spent a lot of time over the holidays reflecting on the past few years both in my professional and personal life. I find it valuable to reflect on the past year's successes but also changes. Change brings opportunity; reflecting on what your biggest asset is when it comes to change can help position you better for those opportunities.

I didn’t have to look too far to realize that my strengths are positivity and optimism. I genuinely believe the best will happen, always. That’s not to say that everything I do turns out positive, but my approach, the energy I put in, the outcome I visualize is always positive and I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to be thinking the same way!

I wanted to start 2019 by writing about all of the opportunities we have in front of us and our reasons to be positive. I challenge you to take this approach with you to see what you can achieve in 2019.

So, here goes:

People are important

One of the biggest changes I have made in the last year has been a dedicated focus on surrounding myself with positive, optimistic individuals. Life comes at you fast, there are ups and downs, and the last thing you need is to be associating with anyone who hinders your ability to believe in the best. Focus on removing negative individuals from your life and make room to meet and spend time with the positive people in your life. This has been one of the biggest differences in my energy, and focus. I spend my time learning and growing with people who think like me, and less time with negative energy vampires in my life.


Every interaction counts

They say that 93% of your communication is non-verbal. It’s all about your energy, your body language, your tone, and how you carry yourself. I challenge everyone to make a conscious effort to engage, say hello, and give a high-five or thumbs-up. The more energy and radiating positivity you can bring to each interaction you have, the more you will have the same energy returned. Make time to say hello and become that energy everyone is looking for, you won't believe the difference it makes in your own mood and outlook!

Social Media

As much as Social Media is the future, it should also start to become a part of your past. I am not suggesting that you completely unplug from social media, but I plan to continue to focus more on opportunities to unplug, disengage, and bring balance.

Your interactions and the people you associate with shape your social media experience much the same as in person. Un-follow those negative people on your Facebook, and delete friends that constantly post about negative news. Create your own social media experience following positive friends and inspirational leaders, who you relate too, and use it as an opportunity to learn.

I use social media as a tool to educate myself by following industry leaders and other profiles that I relate to. Take back control of the time you spend on social media and the people you follow.  I am POSITIVE you can turn your social media time into a desirable feed of uplifting and forward-thinking interactions, but this is only done by removing the negative interactions.

Surround yourself with positivity. These are just a few of the pieces I have on display in my house… there’s more!

Surround yourself with positivity. These are just a few of the pieces I have on display in my house… there’s more!

Enjoy the journey

This was one of my biggest weaknesses from age 16 – 30.  Like so many others, I have been in the rat race we call striving to succeed. I left junior hockey early because I needed to start university. I left university early because I needed to play pro-hockey. I left pro-hockey early so I could start a career, and then I did nothing but focus every minute of every day on GetintheLoop and its success. I have been driven by the “what’s next” for over half of my life.

It was about 18 months ago when I looked back and realized how much I've actually enjoyed being “in the grind.” I have been in control and living out my dream every day, but never stopped to notice it. I was always looking for the next milestone, the next achievement.  

I am sort of a millennial, but only older. Today, I see so many people striving for more, to earn more, get that next title, that next date, that next car, or the bigger house.  This is all good in my opinion as we need goals, and I celebrate bigger and better. The problem? We feel like we need to get to the next level because where we are at, is not good enough. WRONG.  Each and every step of life is a gift and we need to focus on enjoying every day and every step, as you will never be in this place again.  

Embrace that even the hardest challenges are opportunities to learn, to improve and all of a sudden they are seen as positive steps on your journey. With the right attitude, a lot of hard work and a bit of luck you're going to end up where you want to be but make sure you take time to appreciate where you are today.

Believe and think positively

You have to believe great things are ahead. First of all, why wouldn’t you? What’s better than waking up every day with the belief that today will be a great day.  Almost all of the exciting or positive things that have happened to me in my life came out of nowhere. The path once complete seemed obvious but the whole time I was going down the road I didn’t know exactly how it would happen, I just believed, stayed positive and worked hard. Your next big win, goal, or achievement could be so close, you have to believe it will happen and staying positive will be a key to getting there.

Like with anything in life, to be good at it you have to work at it. Turning your attitude and your approach to a positive one is no different. Take time to focus on it, surround yourself with people, signs, sayings and whatever else it takes for you to replicate and emulate a positive attitude day-in and day-out.  It’s amazing what the power of positive people can bring. Join the movement of positivity, hustle, and growth that I plan to focus on as we head into 2019. Here is to another fantastic year!


The Support We Give You


At GetintheLoop, our team is known as The Wolfpack and this extends to our franchisees. When you purchase a GetintheLoop franchise, you join our family, and we ensure you have the support you need to be successful.

Loop University

Once you’ve purchased a GetintheLoop franchise, you will attend a three-day immersive training session with your fellow franchisees. Loop University is a crash course on all things GetintheLoop… plus a little bit of fun! GetintheLoop isn’t your typical franchise, so we make sure Loop University isn’t your typical training course.


Once you’ve purchased your GetintheLoop franchise, our Corporate Marketing team starts working right away to ensure your market launches successfully. With a three phase market launch program strategy, the Corporate Marketing team helps drive brand awareness within your market. You’ll continue to work closely with the Corporate Marketing team going forward as they support you with social media activity, events, contests, and promotional materials.


Every GetintheLoop franchise is paired up with a Franchise Development Manager (FDM), who will support your sales efforts. Visiting you in market, your FDM will hit the streets with you and help you sell your first ten businesses. Even once you’re confident in selling, your FDM will continue to check in and ensure you’re supported and successful in all sales efforts.


To aid in creating offers on the platform and servicing your business partners, every franchise has a Franchise Support Manager (FSM). As your main point of contact, If they can’t help you themselves, your FSM will immediately put you in contact with someone at HQ who can answer your question. Essentially your FSM is there to ensure your success.

Online Portal

Franchisees have access to our Online Portal; full of Sales and Marketing Toolkits, How-To manuals, Guidelines, FAQ sheets, and step-by-step videos on how to make your franchise successful.

Are you ready to own your company and have the support of the Wolfpack behind you? Book a meeting with our franchise team today to learn more about bringing GetintheLoop to your community.

Setting the Bar for Success


Wanting to become entrepreneurs and create a new revenue stream for their families, Scott, Sean, and Nate purchased the GetintheLoop Fort McMurray franchise. After attending the first Loop University training session in Kelowna, they returned to Fort McMurray ready to come out of the gates strong.

And did they ever!

The team hustled hard, signing 30 local businesses in 30 days, including the city’s newest major shopping centre. This effort played a key role in generating local enthusiasm, excitement and awareness amongst residents.

They threw a launch party with their partner, Boston Pizza, with support from the Fort McMurray Mayor in attendance, along with many families within the community.


The community has been so supportive of GetintheLoop that the Fort McMurray team has made sure they show their appreciation by giving back. Partnering with the local Wood Buffalo Food Bank, the Fort McMurray team initiated the Downloads4Dollars campaign, where GetintheLoop donates $1 for every app download through an entire month. The GetintheLoop Fort McMurray team also raised 669 pounds of pet food for the Furry Friends Food Drive!

Not only have they been able to build a strong sense of community and support local charities, the Fort McMurray team successfully paid off their franchise fee in less than 90 days from when they first launched their market!

GetintheLoop Local was created to empower local entrepreneurs within their communities. Scott, Sean, and Nate embody what it means to be a GetintheLoop Franchisee and we couldn’t be more proud of their success.  

Are you ready to bring GetintheLoop to your community? Book a meeting directly with our franchise team by clicking HERE. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Why I Bought a GetintheLoop Franchise


We sat down with Chrissie Rozak, the owner of GetintheLoop Airdrie when she came to town for Loop University and talked to her about what really drove her to purchase a GetintheLoop franchise.

Three reasons why Chrissie bought a franchise (and you should too!)

1 - The technology

Providing offers from local companies directly to the mobile phones of local consumers benefits everyone within a community. Chrissie got right to the point, “it’s fast forward...it’s the technology we need these days.”

2 - Low overhead costs

The affordable franchise fee and incredibly low overhead costs of GetintheLoop opened the entrepreneurship door for Chrissie and her husband. Always wanting to own their own business, a GetintheLoop franchise removed many of the barriers that typical franchises have.

3 - Brand and culture

It was important to Chrissie that the culture and morals of GetintheLoop had to align with her family’s values. It didn’t take long for Chrissie to realize that the GetintheLoop family, or Wolfpack as we like to call ourselves, could easily become an extension of her own family!

Do any of Chrissie’s reasons for buying a franchise strike a chord with you? Book a meeting with our franchise team HERE and learn more about bringing GetintheLoop to your city.

How to Make $ With a GetintheLoop Franchise


There’s a lot that goes in to buying a typical franchise. You need to secure a bricks and mortar location, buy equipment, hire staff, and of course, pay a hefty franchise fee. It’s a significant financial investment with lots of risk.

The good news? GetintheLoop isn’t your typical franchise.

A GetintheLoop franchise fee is only $35,000, considerably less than almost all other franchise opportunities. Better yet, GetintheLoop franchisees can operate a franchise with just a smartphone, a laptop, and go-getter attitude. No building, no equipment, no staff.

Let’s talk numbers. When a franchisee signs up 50 local businesses they could make $94,500 a year. Sign up 100? You’re looking at an income of $189,000. The average franchisee will have the capacity to service more than 150 local businesses at one time… we’ll let you do that math.

Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not! GetintheLoop Local was built to empower local businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Get in touch with our franchise team HERE to learn more about bringing GetintheLoop to your city.

Five Reasons People are Buying a GetintheLoop Franchise


What made you reach out to GetintheLoop Local to learn more about our franchise opportunities?

At our last Loop University training session, we sat down with our franchisees and discussed what drove them reach out to learn more about a GetintheLoop franchise. With varying backgrounds and lifestyles, it was interesting to uncover some common themes amongst these new entrepreneurs.

1 - Change their life

Feel stuck? Is Monday the absolute worst? Some of our franchisees were looking for a change. They felt trapped in their current career and were tired of staring at the clock all day, willing it to tick faster.

2 - Control their income and control their destiny

With GetintheLoop you can stop asking your boss for a raise and actually go out and control how much money you’re bringing in annually. This control allows you to dictate your hours, schedule, and lifestyle.

3 - Be home with family

Traditional jobs keep you away from your family for long hours. A GetintheLoop franchise allows you the flexibility to work from home, spend more time with your kids, and make sure you’re not missing out on the important parts of your life.

4 - A project with your significant other to bring them closer together

Who better to go into business with than your husband or wife? GetintheLoop provides an opportunity for couples to purchase a franchise and work together to achieve their family goals.

5 - Build a sense of community

A common theme amongst franchisees is that they want to create a sense of community in their city. GetintheLoop connects local businesses with people in the community. There’s no easier way to experience new things in your city than with GetintheLoop.

Does this sound like you? Get in touch with our franchise team HERE to learn more about bringing GetintheLoop to your city.

Not Your Typical Franchise


Only a couple of months after launching Canada’s first ever SaaS digital franchise, our team is happy to report that we have completed two Loop Universities (our unique three-day franchisee training program), added extra Loop University training sessions for the first quarter of 2019, and are in the process of expanding into three new provinces!

As we prepare to launch in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, and explore opportunities in the United States, we thought we would share some of the ways Loop University is different than your usual franchise training program.

We pride ourselves on having a sports team mentality when it comes to our approach to work and our commitment to goals.

“We definitely have a sports team type focus and commitment when it comes to company goals but also when it comes to activities and fun. Competing in foosball, fantasy football, softball, pretty much anything, we are the Wolf Pack, we also look out for each other. Everyone cares,” explains Head of Culture, Paige Roguski.

What do you get when you combine a hustling company with a sports team mentality launching new markets across North America, with their new pumped up franchise owners? Team building!

Loop University has turned into much more than just training. You won’t find GetintheLoop Local owners going through a manual and taking exams. Instead, the owners are immersing themselves in an industry, connecting with their new teammates, and collaborating with GetintheLoop’s leadership and operation teams. It’s a 3-day bonanza featuring keynotes from CEO Matt Crowell, Franchise Advisor Cliff Shillington, and workshops hosted by President Chris Pinkerton, VP Marketing Jason Mann, and Director of Sales and Partner Success Nick Fane. Franchisees work hands-on with their market support team to learn the process we have developed over the past five years in an engaging and exhilarating setting.

“We are all partners in the growth and success of GetintheLoop. This is an exciting journey we are all on, together. It's important to get to know one another professionally and also socially. We have a long and bright future together. “ – Chris Pinkerton

We basically immerse you in a networking bootcamp. Networking is a huge part of building a successful GetintheLoop business and we make this a top priority at Loop University. Team building is much more than just learning together, it's getting to know one another, letting your hair down, going bowling, eating pizza, and having some fun while in beautiful Kelowna.

As we head into 2019 with aggressive expansion plans and Loop Universities scheduled for every month, one thing you can be sure of is a focus on team building, good times, and camaraderie.

Loop University 2 - Setting the Stage for Success


This morning the next class of GetintheLoop franchisees are in Kelowna for their immersive 3-day GetintheLoop University training.

Our Founder/CEO, Matt Crowell, kicked off the morning by telling the incredible GetintheLoop backstory and our President, Chris Pinkerton, sharing the #1 reason we decided to grow through franchising today (hint: local heart and soul). We also got to learn more about why each franchise has decided to join us in our mission of connecting consumers with local brick and mortar businesses in their community and their hopes of breaking the chains of 9-5 jobs and building financial freedom. For us at GetintheLoop, there is nothing more powerful and motivating than hearing the stories of the people who have decided to (in the words of one of our franchisees) “make life happen for them, not to them”.

Over the next three days, our next crop of franchisees will learn what they need in order to set out and start their journey with GetintheLoop back in their communities. Afterwards, we’ll join our franchisees in their home markets to help sell their first business partners; an effective, on-the-ground training opportunity that also accelerates the growth of our franchisee’s business.

With our first franchisee training session just 60 days ago, we have now effectively launched more than one GetintheLoop franchise owned market per week. Anyone involved in franchising understands one of the main benefits of buying a franchise is the ability to jump-start success by following a proven playbook. We are thrilled to report that after only two months, two franchise owners in our first class have already earned back their original franchise investment and are well down the path to creating amazing local, GetintheLoop businesses.

At GetintheLoop HQ we too have been crushing expectations around our own goals of growing the business through franchising. We are experiencing an increasing demand for franchise information and territories. As a result, we've added another Loop University session for January 2019, with a second session to follow in February 2019.

If you are interested in becoming a GetintheLoop Franchisee, get in touch with us today HERE.

GetintheLoop is Accepted into the Canadian Franchise Association


Our team is proud to announce that we have been accepted into the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA). This is an exciting day for our team and our current and future franchisees. Earlier this year we announced the creation of GetintheLoop Local and launched the first ever SaaS franchising opportunity for entrepreneurs across North America. We are committed to a growing group of entrepreneurs who take the badge of becoming a GetintheLoop Local owner. Becoming a member of the CFA is another big step on a long and exciting journey for our team and our franchisees.

A little bit more about the Canadian Franchise Association: 

The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) helps everyday Canadians realize the dream of building their own business through the power of franchising. The CFA advocates on issues that impact this dream on behalf of more than 700 corporate members and over 40,000 franchisees from many of Canada’s best-known and emerging franchise brands. Beyond its role as the voice of the franchise industry, the CFA strengthens and develops franchising by delivering best-practice education and creating rewarding connections between Canadians and Canadian franchise opportunities. 

Smokestacks to Smartphones: The Greatest Opportunity for Entrepreneurs


In the good old days a smokestack was a symbol of a prosperous society. It was a symbol of a working community that was thriving.  

Today, that symbol of a thriving local economy is not so obvious - it’s rooted in the undercurrent of how a modern local economy operates.  It is connected to the bedrock of what really makes a local economy work - a thriving small businesses community.

Most private employers in Canada are actually small businesses. This is because most Canadian businesses are small businesses.

  • A total of 99.7% of all Canadian businesses are small- to medium-sized firms with less than 500 employees. (Small businesses are firms with less than 100 paid employees and medium-sized businesses are categorized as firms with 100 to 499 paid employees.)

  • 9/10 Canadians work for a small-to medium-sized business.

  • Micro-enterprises (firms with 1 to 4 employees) represent 54.1% of all private employers.

  • Small businesses employ 70.5% of the total private labor force or approximately 8.2 million people.

  • From 2005 to 2015, 87.7% of all new jobs (1.2 million jobs) were created by small businesses.

(Stats: 2018 BDC)

The Rise of the Digital Entrepreneur

A key opportunity in today’s society is to further foster the success of small-to-medium (SMB) businesses across North America.

Just like the shift in traditional manufacturing, SMB’s also need to continually evolve their businesses to stay current and attract and retain customers.  A key requirement to staying relevant is to effectively engage the ever-changing modern consumer. They are more social, connected and on-the-go than ever.

There is a large void in today’s marketplace for small business solutions to help them stay current and continually drive business outcomes.  This void is being filled with local entrepreneurs who are passionate about their local economy and want to bring advanced solutions to the forefront.  

Enter the Modern Digital Franchise - To Drive Local Business

Historically SMB’s had to send their advertising dollars to the Silicon Valley to promote themselves locally - those days are ending.  On the heels of winning Grant Thornton’s Business of the Year,  GetintheLoop Local is disrupting the traditional franchise world by offering the first mobile marketing franchise in North America.  It’s award-winning technology is built to connect local businesses with today’s consumer, which helps foster SMB success and puts their investment back into the local economy.

GetintheLoop Local is seeking entrepreneurs across North America to help make their local businesses owners more successful, while joining the smartphone economy. If you have what it takes, we need to talk!

GetintheLoop Launches in Atlantic Canada


September 28th, 2018. Kelowna, BC – GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading mobile offers platform, has officially launched in Atlantic Canada.

Since announcing a new opportunity for entrepreneurs across North America to open their own digital franchise through GetintheLoop Local, the team at GetintheLoop has successfully launched 10 new local markets in 90 days - spanning coast to coast.

“Setting up our first master franchise opportunity, with an experienced business leader like Michael Coburn, is opening up GetintheLoop to the Atlantic Provinces early in our growth phase.  We are thrilled to see Michael hitting the ground running” stated Cliff Shillington, Senior Advisor of GetintheLoop Local.

GetintheLoop Local provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to join the digital economy and become their own boss, while creating significant income and controlling their schedule and destiny. GetintheLoop Local franchisees operate a turn-key mobile marketing solution, leveraging GetintheLoop’s proven technology platform, to make local marketing simple and affordable for businesses.

“Our team is thrilled with our successful launch of Canada’s first mobile offers franchise.  We are now working with driven entrepreneurs from across Canada to bring GetintheLoop’s unique local marketing platform every community in Canada” said Matt Crowell, Founder and CEO of GetintheLoop.

 Our next Franchise Owner training at Loop University is already scheduled for November  19th – 21st with a new wave of franchisees bringing GetintheLoop to even more markets in Q4 2018.

To learn more about GetintheLoop Local and to enquire about bringing GetintheLoop to your community,  visit www.getinthelooplocal.com

5 Tips on Entrepreneurship - A Keynote to Our Franchisees


Monday, September 17th, 2018 was an amazing day for our team and me, as we saw our dream of franchising our platform realized. Only 90 days after we announced the launch of GetintheLoop Local - Canada’s First Mobile Offers Franchise - we hosted our first ten franchisees at Loop University.

Loop University is a 3-day crash course on everything GetintheLoop, equipping franchisees to launch the platform in their own community. We kicked off Loop University at 8:30 a.m. sharp with an opening keynote by our Franchise Advisor, Cliff Shillington, followed by my rundown of the GetintheLoop story, from day one.


Entrepreneurship has run in my veins from a very young age, so seeing so many fantastic entrepreneurs gearing up to launch their new business was a dream come true. I finished my opening keynote with five tips I have learned on my journey as an entrepreneur, through my mentors, advisors, and the path Loop Media Group has taken me on.

1. Play the long game
Build win-win relationships. Look at commercialization as true partnerships. If you build value-based partnerships, you will build a long-term business. Everything we do as entrepreneurs should be about playing the long game.

2. Listen first
To find a solution we must first understand the problem. GetintheLoop was built to solve problems for golf courses. By listening to our customers and members of our community we have been able to add features, adapt, and build solutions for our ever-growing Loop Community.

3. Stay positive
You need to actively practice having a positive outlook. Look for the opportunity in challenges and believe in yourself. Running a business is hard. It's like riding a roller coaster. Staying positive is the key to succeeding in the long run.

4. Be thankful
Building a business takes an army of contributors. Reward your early customers and thank your true believers. I am so appreciative of the many people that believed in me, my idea, and believed in our company. Without believers, early adopters, and our supporters, us entrepreneurs wouldn’t get very far.

5. Enjoy the journey
It took me longer then I would like to admit to really start to enjoy the journey. I am lucky to speak with so many entrepreneurs who have sold their business or retired and they all look back and say, building it was the best time of their life.  For a couple of years now, I wake up every day excited about what I do. I embrace that I am a workaholic but I also love every day and feel so fortunate to be a part of an ever-growing team of passionate professionals helping to scale GetintheLoop across Canada and soon internationally. What a dream!


In closing, I left our inaugural franchisees with a line that I repeat almost daily. It’s a line that was passed on to me from a friend and mentor.

"I can live with someone else having a better idea, better timing, more money. Those are factors we cannot control. One thing that is for sure - we will never get outworked."  

This is the culture that threads the walls at GetintheLoop and is a big reason why we get to sit here today and watch our first ten franchise owners head out and launch markets across Canada. I couldn’t be more honoured and excited to continue to grow this business alongside our current and future franchisees.

- Matty


Loop University


September 17th, 2018. Kelowna, BC – GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading local offers platform, has officially launched ‘Loop University’ which is rolling out its first class of GetintheLoop franchise owners across Canada. It was exactly three months ago today that GetintheLoop announced a new opportunity for entrepreneurs across North America to open their own digital franchise through GetintheLoop Local.  

“Today is a very special day for everyone in our organization. I am so proud of the work our team has put in over the past 5 years to make the dream of launching an all mobile franchise possible. Our technology was built to help businesses owners succeed at local marketing, now we’re seeing new markets roll out across Canada with local entrepreneurs at the helm. It’s a dream come true for me and will make a huge difference for businesses owners and our members alike “ said Matt Crowell, Founder and CEO of GetintheLoop.

GetintheLoop Local provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to own and operate a business from the palm of their hands. GetintheLoop Local owners become their own boss, while creating significant income and controlling their schedule and destiny. GetintheLoop Local franchisees operate a turn-key mobile marketing solution, leveraging GetintheLoop’s proven technology platform, to make local marketing simple and affordable for businesses. 

Loop University will be held in downtown Kelowna with franchise owners from 10 markets across Canada including Red Deer, Saanich, Saskatoon, Vernon, Penticton, Whistler, Loydminister, Fort McMurray, southern Alberta and the Atlantic provinces.  Each Franchisee will go through an innovative 3-day Loop University training workshop with a focus on mobile marketing, digital media, offer management and market development.

“We’ve developed Loop University to educate our entrepreneur partners on all key aspects of digital media and mobile marketing.  Our customized program will give our franchise partners the tools, processes and support to successfully build their local market” stated Chris Pinkerton, President of GetintheLoop.

Our next Loop University is already scheduled for early November with a new wave of franchisees bringing GetintheLoop to even more markets soon.

To learn more about GetintheLoop Local and to enquire about bringing GetintheLoop to your community,  visit www.getinthelooplocal.com

Old Economy vs. New Economy

5 Steps to Getting Started with Google My Business.jpg

The rise of smartphone technology has ushered in a new era of expectations and conveniences for today’s consumers. It has created a better way to do life’s littlest and biggest tasks. This has changed the ground rules for businesses to be successful.

One of the biggest opportunities in today's economy is to provide modern solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s).  This underserved group is vulnerable to disruption from better technology - and they tend to lack the knowledge and sophistication to take advantage of technologies benefits to their business.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 10.41.10 AM.png

Over the past five years, GetintheLoop has been building technology to give SMB’s an advantage in today’s digital economy.  We have focused on making it easier for businesses of all sizes to better engage their current and future customer. Think of GetintheLoop as the modern version of a sandwich board you would see on the street outside a restaurant or cafe.  We take the unique items that makes your location special and amplify’s it through the smartphone of your local consumers.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 9.44.32 AM.png

Our next goal is to bring this solution to as many small businesses as we can - through empowering entrepreneurs across North America to bring modern mobile marketing solutions to their local market.  Talk to our team and tell us why you are the right person to bring the modern economy to your local market.

Join The New Digital Economy

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Have you ever daydreamed about starting a your own business and having the freedom to build your own path? A lot of us do - just very few people actually do something about it.

In today’s digital economy, most people lack the technical skills to create the next Facebook or Pinterest.  Everyday there are technology start-ups across the globe trying to build a better way to things, but most people do not have the opportunity to take part.


GetintheLoop has created and better way to connect local businesses with consumers, right in the palm of their hand….and we are looking for entrepreneurs to help us grow!

"GetintheLoop was built to empower small business owners and make local marketing simple and affordable, It's a dream come true for me to see GetintheLoop now be made into a business opportunity for hustling entrepreneurs all over the world"
- Matt Crowell, Founder & CEO

At GetintheLoop, our team focuses on building a better way to connect local businesses with mobile consumers, at a fraction of the cost of traditional media (print, radio, and TV). Our goal is to make it easier for businesses to market themselves authentically and effectively.

Our offers platform, consumer app and member base is making it easier for businesses of all sizes to market to today’s savvy consumer. Our rapid growth has enabled businesses to more effectively share their unique experiences and offers in local markets across Canada, something we are incredibly excited about!

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to take advantage of the digital economy, we’d love to talk to you. Get in touch with us now.  

The Modern Franchise Opportunity

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Over the last decade we’ve all began to experience the rise of the digital economy.  Digital businesses have completely changed the way we look for information. Giants like Amazon have reshaped the way we shop and apps like Uber have changed the way we commute. These advances have upended traditional business models.

So how does a entrepreneur enter this new economy without being a computer programmer or inventing the next Google?

GetintheLoop has just the opportunity for you.  For the first time, we are opening up our digital business to empower hundreds of entrepreneurs to use our GetintheLoop platform to help local businesses grow their revenue through the power of mobile marketing. GetintheLoop Local was created to help modern entrepreneurs use the power of our technology to control their income and schedule, and create significant value for their local business community.

A digital franchise is a rare opportunity. You can secure your very own franchise for pennies on the dollar compared to a traditional franchise. Fundamentally the biggest benefit to a digital franchise is the cost to operate and the risk involved. Unlike traditional franchises, you do not need to lease a storefront, purchase inventory or manage large groups of employees.

A digital franchise with GetintheLoop takes all the technology pressure off, and empowers you to focus on recruiting business partners on the app and building local members; all that is required is a smartphone, car and laptop.  Did we mention there are no receivables? Businesses prepay and set up recurring credit card payments, so you are cash flow positive the minute you make a sale.


  1. Easy to get started: We provide you with all the training, go-to-market collateral, leading edge technology platform and on the ground training and support. We even help you make your first few sales.

  2. Reduced risk: We've been doing this and winning awards for over five years. We will teach you everything that has brought us success. Start your Mobile Marketing business on the right foot by using our proprietary platform, used by thousands of businesses.

  3. Flexibility: Break out of the cubicle and enjoy operating your own business from wherever you want on your phone or laptop. Whether that means more time at the lake or more time with the kids, GetintheLoop Local offers you a lifestyle and flexibility that a job and most other franchises can’t.

  4. Quick ROI: You’ll get off to a strong start with a week of training at Loop University followed by a second week where we join you in your market for tandem sales calls.

  5. Affordable entry: Our pricing is meant to attract the best and brightest, not the wealthiest. You don't need a premise, employees, expensive equipment, inventory or a silly looking uniform to own a successful Local Franchise.

If you are interested in learning more and jumping into the modern economy, get it touch with our team today!

Over 150 Applications to be a GetintheLoop Local Owner

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July 25th 2018. Kelowna, BC - Loop Media Group is thrilled to share that within the first week of launching GetintheLoop Local, Canada’s first mobile offers franchise, they have already received over 150 franchisee applications and are continuing to receive over twelve a day.

“It’s like nothing I have seen before in all my years in franchising. Although, I’m not surprised given the modest capital investment with this business model and the expected positive return on investment in such a short period of time,” says Cliff Shillington, Advisor to GetintheLoop Local.

The GetintheLoop Local team is diligently working through a robust application process and are excited to be having early conversations with hopeful entrepreneurs. The first phase of franchise rollouts is expect to start in late September, with a limited number of early owners to be selected and further franchise territories to kick off later in the fall.

“We’re overwhelmed with the feedback and excitement we’ve received so early on. It’s great to see so many entrepreneurs around the country, who are incredibly passionate about this opportunity we have created,“ said Founder and CEO, Matt Crowell.

GetintheLoop Local provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to be their own boss, while creating significant income and controlling their schedule and destiny. GetintheLoop Local franchisees will operate a turn-key mobile marketing solution, leveraging GetintheLoop’s proven platform, to make local marketing simple and affordable for businesses.

With some early markets already spoken for across Canada and more applications coming in daily, the GetintheLoop Local team is excited by the response they have received. Matt Crowell added, “we couldn’t be happier with the overwhelming early interest we’ve seen so far. We’re incredibly thankful. It’s a great start to what we believe could be one of the largest and fastest growing franchise opportunities out there, but today, it’s just the beginning of a great start!”

To learn more about GetintheLoop Local and to enquire about bringing it to your community,  visit their website at www.getinthelooplocal.com

GetintheLoop Local: The first mobile offers franchise in Canada


July 17th 2018. Kelowna, BC - Loop Media Group, the creators of GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading offers platform, are proud to announce the creation of GetintheLoop Local.  The first mobile offers franchise in Canada.

GetintheLoop Local provides entrepreneurs across North America the opportunity to be their own boss, while creating significant income and controlling their schedule and destiny. GetintheLoop Local Franchisees will operate a turn-key mobile marketing solution, leveraging GetintheLoop’s proven platform, to make local marketing simple and affordable for businesses everywhere.

“The launch of GetintheLoop Local is very close to my heart” said Founder and CEO Matt Crowell enthusiastically. “GetintheLoop was built to empower small business owners and make local marketing simple and affordable. Taking what we have created and turning it into a new business venture for hundreds of entrepreneurs across North America and one day the world is a dream come true”. He added, “we’re entrepreneurs empowering entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs, now that’s awesome!”

Over the past 3 years we have received over 100+ requests from entrepreneurs and fans of GetintheLoop enquiring about how they could help bring the GetintheLoop app to their community. Matt Crowell noted, “we’ve been looking at establishing a franchise opportunity for a while now, but we first had to get the formula for success proven and repeatable. Today, GetintheLoop is used by hundreds of national and local brands and we have proven successful in markets of all sizes across Western Canada – so now is the time”

With high interest early in our launch, and a few initial markets already spoken for, we expect GetintheLoop Local to be one of the fastest growing franchises in North America over the next couple of years. The number of inquiries has exceeded our expectations and the first few transactions have happened very quickly.

Owning a territory with GetintheLoop Local is as affordable as $15,000 in Franchisee fees with larger territories going for $35,000. GetintheLoop Local’s competitive advantage over other franchise operations is the low start-up cost as an owner does not need a bricks and mortar location, equipment, staff or inventory to get their business started and making a profit.

GetintheLoop Local franchises are now available across all Canadian markets and expansion to the US is expected later this fall with global markets to follow.  Cliff Shillington, former RE/MAX International Officer with an extensive background in domestic and international franchising, is acting as Franchise expansion advisor to Loop Media Group.


GetintheLoop is the flagship product in the consumer division of Loop Media Group.  Since 2014, GetintheLoop has grown into the top-rated iOS and Android application of its kind in Canada, used by hundreds of top national and local brands. GetintheLoop is an intelligent mobile marketing platform that connects businesses with local consumers. GetintheLoop enables businesses to attract new customers, develop meaningful relationships, and obtain immediate in-depth data on their behaviour.