5 Tips on Entrepreneurship - A Keynote to Our Franchisees


Monday, September 17th, 2018 was an amazing day for our team and me, as we saw our dream of franchising our platform realized. Only 90 days after we announced the launch of GetintheLoop Local - Canada’s First Mobile Offers Franchise - we hosted our first ten franchisees at Loop University.

Loop University is a 3-day crash course on everything GetintheLoop, equipping franchisees to launch the platform in their own community. We kicked off Loop University at 8:30 a.m. sharp with an opening keynote by our Franchise Advisor, Cliff Shillington, followed by my rundown of the GetintheLoop story, from day one.


Entrepreneurship has run in my veins from a very young age, so seeing so many fantastic entrepreneurs gearing up to launch their new business was a dream come true. I finished my opening keynote with five tips I have learned on my journey as an entrepreneur, through my mentors, advisors, and the path Loop Media Group has taken me on.

1. Play the long game
Build win-win relationships. Look at commercialization as true partnerships. If you build value-based partnerships, you will build a long-term business. Everything we do as entrepreneurs should be about playing the long game.

2. Listen first
To find a solution we must first understand the problem. GetintheLoop was built to solve problems for golf courses. By listening to our customers and members of our community we have been able to add features, adapt, and build solutions for our ever-growing Loop Community.

3. Stay positive
You need to actively practice having a positive outlook. Look for the opportunity in challenges and believe in yourself. Running a business is hard. It's like riding a roller coaster. Staying positive is the key to succeeding in the long run.

4. Be thankful
Building a business takes an army of contributors. Reward your early customers and thank your true believers. I am so appreciative of the many people that believed in me, my idea, and believed in our company. Without believers, early adopters, and our supporters, us entrepreneurs wouldn’t get very far.

5. Enjoy the journey
It took me longer then I would like to admit to really start to enjoy the journey. I am lucky to speak with so many entrepreneurs who have sold their business or retired and they all look back and say, building it was the best time of their life.  For a couple of years now, I wake up every day excited about what I do. I embrace that I am a workaholic but I also love every day and feel so fortunate to be a part of an ever-growing team of passionate professionals helping to scale GetintheLoop across Canada and soon internationally. What a dream!


In closing, I left our inaugural franchisees with a line that I repeat almost daily. It’s a line that was passed on to me from a friend and mentor.

"I can live with someone else having a better idea, better timing, more money. Those are factors we cannot control. One thing that is for sure - we will never get outworked."  

This is the culture that threads the walls at GetintheLoop and is a big reason why we get to sit here today and watch our first ten franchise owners head out and launch markets across Canada. I couldn’t be more honoured and excited to continue to grow this business alongside our current and future franchisees.

- Matty


Loop University


September 17th, 2018. Kelowna, BC – GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading local offers platform, has officially launched ‘Loop University’ which is rolling out its first class of GetintheLoop franchise owners across Canada. It was exactly three months ago today that GetintheLoop announced a new opportunity for entrepreneurs across North America to open their own digital franchise through GetintheLoop Local.  

“Today is a very special day for everyone in our organization. I am so proud of the work our team has put in over the past 5 years to make the dream of launching an all mobile franchise possible. Our technology was built to help businesses owners succeed at local marketing, now we’re seeing new markets roll out across Canada with local entrepreneurs at the helm. It’s a dream come true for me and will make a huge difference for businesses owners and our members alike “ said Matt Crowell, Founder and CEO of GetintheLoop.

GetintheLoop Local provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to own and operate a business from the palm of their hands. GetintheLoop Local owners become their own boss, while creating significant income and controlling their schedule and destiny. GetintheLoop Local franchisees operate a turn-key mobile marketing solution, leveraging GetintheLoop’s proven technology platform, to make local marketing simple and affordable for businesses. 

Loop University will be held in downtown Kelowna with franchise owners from 10 markets across Canada including Red Deer, Saanich, Saskatoon, Vernon, Penticton, Whistler, Loydminister, Fort McMurray, southern Alberta and the Atlantic provinces.  Each Franchisee will go through an innovative 3-day Loop University training workshop with a focus on mobile marketing, digital media, offer management and market development.

“We’ve developed Loop University to educate our entrepreneur partners on all key aspects of digital media and mobile marketing.  Our customized program will give our franchise partners the tools, processes and support to successfully build their local market” stated Chris Pinkerton, President of GetintheLoop.

Our next Loop University is already scheduled for early November with a new wave of franchisees bringing GetintheLoop to even more markets soon.

To learn more about GetintheLoop Local and to enquire about bringing GetintheLoop to your community,  visit www.getinthelooplocal.com

Old Economy vs. New Economy

5 Steps to Getting Started with Google My Business.jpg

The rise of smartphone technology has ushered in a new era of expectations and conveniences for today’s consumers. It has created a better way to do life’s littlest and biggest tasks. This has changed the ground rules for businesses to be successful.

One of the biggest opportunities in today's economy is to provide modern solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s).  This underserved group is vulnerable to disruption from better technology - and they tend to lack the knowledge and sophistication to take advantage of technologies benefits to their business.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 10.41.10 AM.png

Over the past five years, GetintheLoop has been building technology to give SMB’s an advantage in today’s digital economy.  We have focused on making it easier for businesses of all sizes to better engage their current and future customer. Think of GetintheLoop as the modern version of a sandwich board you would see on the street outside a restaurant or cafe.  We take the unique items that makes your location special and amplify’s it through the smartphone of your local consumers.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 9.44.32 AM.png

Our next goal is to bring this solution to as many small businesses as we can - through empowering entrepreneurs across North America to bring modern mobile marketing solutions to their local market.  Talk to our team and tell us why you are the right person to bring the modern economy to your local market.

Join The New Digital Economy

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Have you ever daydreamed about starting a your own business and having the freedom to build your own path? A lot of us do - just very few people actually do something about it.

In today’s digital economy, most people lack the technical skills to create the next Facebook or Pinterest.  Everyday there are technology start-ups across the globe trying to build a better way to things, but most people do not have the opportunity to take part.


GetintheLoop has created and better way to connect local businesses with consumers, right in the palm of their hand….and we are looking for entrepreneurs to help us grow!

"GetintheLoop was built to empower small business owners and make local marketing simple and affordable, It's a dream come true for me to see GetintheLoop now be made into a business opportunity for hustling entrepreneurs all over the world"
- Matt Crowell, Founder & CEO

At GetintheLoop, our team focuses on building a better way to connect local businesses with mobile consumers, at a fraction of the cost of traditional media (print, radio, and TV). Our goal is to make it easier for businesses to market themselves authentically and effectively.

Our offers platform, consumer app and member base is making it easier for businesses of all sizes to market to today’s savvy consumer. Our rapid growth has enabled businesses to more effectively share their unique experiences and offers in local markets across Canada, something we are incredibly excited about!

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to take advantage of the digital economy, we’d love to talk to you. Get in touch with us now.  

The Modern Franchise Opportunity

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Over the last decade we’ve all began to experience the rise of the digital economy.  Digital businesses have completely changed the way we look for information. Giants like Amazon have reshaped the way we shop and apps like Uber have changed the way we commute. These advances have upended traditional business models.

So how does a entrepreneur enter this new economy without being a computer programmer or inventing the next Google?

GetintheLoop has just the opportunity for you.  For the first time, we are opening up our digital business to empower hundreds of entrepreneurs to use our GetintheLoop platform to help local businesses grow their revenue through the power of mobile marketing. GetintheLoop Local was created to help modern entrepreneurs use the power of our technology to control their income and schedule, and create significant value for their local business community.

A digital franchise is a rare opportunity. You can secure your very own franchise for pennies on the dollar compared to a traditional franchise. Fundamentally the biggest benefit to a digital franchise is the cost to operate and the risk involved. Unlike traditional franchises, you do not need to lease a storefront, purchase inventory or manage large groups of employees.

A digital franchise with GetintheLoop takes all the technology pressure off, and empowers you to focus on recruiting business partners on the app and building local members; all that is required is a smartphone, car and laptop.  Did we mention there are no receivables? Businesses prepay and set up recurring credit card payments, so you are cash flow positive the minute you make a sale.


  1. Easy to get started: We provide you with all the training, go-to-market collateral, leading edge technology platform and on the ground training and support. We even help you make your first few sales.

  2. Reduced risk: We've been doing this and winning awards for over five years. We will teach you everything that has brought us success. Start your Mobile Marketing business on the right foot by using our proprietary platform, used by thousands of businesses.

  3. Flexibility: Break out of the cubicle and enjoy operating your own business from wherever you want on your phone or laptop. Whether that means more time at the lake or more time with the kids, GetintheLoop Local offers you a lifestyle and flexibility that a job and most other franchises can’t.

  4. Quick ROI: You’ll get off to a strong start with a week of training at Loop University followed by a second week where we join you in your market for tandem sales calls.

  5. Affordable entry: Our pricing is meant to attract the best and brightest, not the wealthiest. You don't need a premise, employees, expensive equipment, inventory or a silly looking uniform to own a successful Local Franchise.

If you are interested in learning more and jumping into the modern economy, get it touch with our team today!

Over 150 Applications to be a GetintheLoop Local Owner

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July 25th 2018. Kelowna, BC - Loop Media Group is thrilled to share that within the first week of launching GetintheLoop Local, Canada’s first mobile offers franchise, they have already received over 150 franchisee applications and are continuing to receive over twelve a day.

“It’s like nothing I have seen before in all my years in franchising. Although, I’m not surprised given the modest capital investment with this business model and the expected positive return on investment in such a short period of time,” says Cliff Shillington, Advisor to GetintheLoop Local.

The GetintheLoop Local team is diligently working through a robust application process and are excited to be having early conversations with hopeful entrepreneurs. The first phase of franchise rollouts is expect to start in late September, with a limited number of early owners to be selected and further franchise territories to kick off later in the fall.

“We’re overwhelmed with the feedback and excitement we’ve received so early on. It’s great to see so many entrepreneurs around the country, who are incredibly passionate about this opportunity we have created,“ said Founder and CEO, Matt Crowell.

GetintheLoop Local provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to be their own boss, while creating significant income and controlling their schedule and destiny. GetintheLoop Local franchisees will operate a turn-key mobile marketing solution, leveraging GetintheLoop’s proven platform, to make local marketing simple and affordable for businesses.

With some early markets already spoken for across Canada and more applications coming in daily, the GetintheLoop Local team is excited by the response they have received. Matt Crowell added, “we couldn’t be happier with the overwhelming early interest we’ve seen so far. We’re incredibly thankful. It’s a great start to what we believe could be one of the largest and fastest growing franchise opportunities out there, but today, it’s just the beginning of a great start!”

To learn more about GetintheLoop Local and to enquire about bringing it to your community,  visit their website at www.getinthelooplocal.com

GetintheLoop Local: The first mobile offers franchise in Canada


July 17th 2018. Kelowna, BC - Loop Media Group, the creators of GetintheLoop, Canada’s leading offers platform, are proud to announce the creation of GetintheLoop Local.  The first mobile offers franchise in Canada.

GetintheLoop Local provides entrepreneurs across North America the opportunity to be their own boss, while creating significant income and controlling their schedule and destiny. GetintheLoop Local Franchisees will operate a turn-key mobile marketing solution, leveraging GetintheLoop’s proven platform, to make local marketing simple and affordable for businesses everywhere.

“The launch of GetintheLoop Local is very close to my heart” said Founder and CEO Matt Crowell enthusiastically. “GetintheLoop was built to empower small business owners and make local marketing simple and affordable. Taking what we have created and turning it into a new business venture for hundreds of entrepreneurs across North America and one day the world is a dream come true”. He added, “we’re entrepreneurs empowering entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs, now that’s awesome!”

Over the past 3 years we have received over 100+ requests from entrepreneurs and fans of GetintheLoop enquiring about how they could help bring the GetintheLoop app to their community. Matt Crowell noted, “we’ve been looking at establishing a franchise opportunity for a while now, but we first had to get the formula for success proven and repeatable. Today, GetintheLoop is used by hundreds of national and local brands and we have proven successful in markets of all sizes across Canada – so now is the time”

With high interest early in our launch, and a few initial markets already spoken for, we expect GetintheLoop Local to be one of the fastest growing franchises in North America over the next couple of years. The number of inquiries has exceeded our expectations and the first few transactions have happened very quickly.

Owning a territory with GetintheLoop Local is as affordable as $15,000 in Franchisee fees with larger territories going for $35,000. GetintheLoop Local’s competitive advantage over other franchise operations is the low start-up cost as an owner does not need a bricks and mortar location, equipment, staff or inventory to get their business started and making a profit.

GetintheLoop Local franchises are now available across all Canadian markets and expansion to the US is expected later this fall with global markets to follow.  Cliff Shillington, former RE/MAX International Officer with an extensive background in domestic and international franchising, is acting as Franchise expansion advisor to Loop Media Group.


GetintheLoop is the flagship product in the consumer division of Loop Media Group.  Since 2014, GetintheLoop has grown into the top-rated iOS and Android application of its kind in Canada, used by hundreds of top national and local brands. GetintheLoop is an intelligent mobile marketing platform that connects businesses with local consumers. GetintheLoop enables businesses to attract new customers, develop meaningful relationships, and obtain immediate in-depth data on their behaviour.